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meanwhile random person:dont i have all these games on my nes emulator beat and save stated kinda late to be bringing these out nintnedo

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170 and still like 2 games worth playing no thanks il just get the vita which will acualy have some games

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blame the world for something parents do right out in the open even after being told that the game is not for kids in fact at my gamestop i seen that happen multipule times the parent just doesint care what the gamestop guy has to say and mindlessly shows there id for there kid to own the game thank god this law didint pass because kids would have found a way anyways like having there parent go there alone and buy it

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if theres microsoft points involved that would be cool

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1 way to put it ppl from the evo tournament testing the game for consels its all about the evo guys with fighting games imo

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heres my voice

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heres my evil voice

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i have so many problems with this 1 she didint talk about team ninjas other games they developed as if she doesint even know who team ninja was
2 she sat there and said this game should be developed like this n this thats not her job her job is to reveiw a game and move on not tell developers how to develop a game 
3 its kinda hard to call a game sexist and ignore team ninjas ninja gaiden games you know the ones for the newer consels that have b**b physics and  women dressing in lether dominatrix suits
4 and finaly she compared metroid prime 3 to metroid other m thats a mistake why compare someones 3rd to game to someones 1st game it makes no sence

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this is basicaly the problem with abby heppes talk about she says the game is sexist because samus lays on a hospital bed in her zero suit but fails to talk about team ninjas past games you know the ones with bewb juggling physics and women dressed like vixens g4 is officialy dead to me