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Seriously though, I'm enjoying it. Thanks for all the advice guys. However, I'm barely into the game and all this soul management is giving me a headache. Also, I don't have xbox live gold so I guess I can't do that summon stuff?

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Hey I just got this yesterday and, like most other people, have no idea what I am doing. Any spoiler free tips would be great!

PS One thing I'm confused about is keeping souls or using them. Is there any benefit to keeping them?

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JESUS CHRIST that song is amazing.

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Yo fuck your brojan horse of a thread.

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Wow 10 pages of comments and no-ones gonna explain whats going on? Okay.

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I've had issues with the ID in the past i.e. not getting sent password reset emails and the like, and thats going a few years back. I've forgot my password (again) and now I'm getting reset password links sent to me that are flat out broken. How the hell can a company such as Apple have major issues with such simple password support? And for so long? Anybody else had these issues? Solutions?

FYI I'm not a fan of the iTunes store, especially with all their bullshit drm stuff, but I often get gift cards for birthdays and stuff.

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Haha, creeps, man, fuckin' creeps.

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Fire Emblem X Persona or whatever its called.

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Great job on that Tedx talk by the way. Well done.

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@ericdrum: eh, I like what I like, ha. Great Wire avatar by the way. One of my favourite albums.