My Memories of Ryan Davis

As I am writing these words right now I am currently lying down in my bed bawling like a little baby. I don't know why I am crying after the death of someone whom i have never met. But Ryan Davis brought so much joy and happiness to the world that I just can't help myself and breakdown. I went through some tough times as a kid going through elementary school, middle school, and high school. But I always knew that i can come to either gamespot or GB to check out the crew doing dumb stuff on the internet and clearly not taking themselves too seriously.

I remember the first time I saw the most of the current GB crew. The PS3 and the Nintendo Wii were about to launch and gamespot had their weekly show on the spot playing. During this show they were demoing some PS3 and Wii games in the lead up to the launch of the respective consoles. The moment I realized that these guys are the best people who cover the gaming industry was the moment when Greg Kasavin (editor in chief of gamespot at the time) was demoing Trauma center for the wii. There was a moment when Greg had to use the defibrillator in the game and he couldn't get the guy to come back to him. Thats when Jeff started yelling LIVE DAMMIT LIVE. Then Ryan followed by saying DON'T GIVE UP ON ME NOW. I busted out laughing at how funny it was and decided that these guys are the best.

Then the events of 2007 happened where Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot and Ryan, Vinny, Brad, and Alex all left along with him. All was good however because Giant Bomb was started not long after. Perhaps you have heard of it, its a website about video games. Over the past few years Giant Bomb has been the host too some of the most interesting and the funniest content about video games. With Ryan hosting many of the features on the site, Giant Bomb always had such an upbeat tone and that was mainly because of Ryan's joyful mood that he brought to the site.

Fast Forward to today and we are back to me lying down in my bed crying. I have never met Ryan in person, but because of how public his life was it almost feels like we have all lost a really close friend. It doesn't matter if most of us haven't met him. He was a guy that brought a lot of positive feelings to a very fucked up world with a lot of problems. Unfortunately we are going to have to say goodbye to those feelings.

RIP Ryan Davis

P.S. If anyone wants to be cheered up I always found this song helpful

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Rumor: Apple to release smaller Ipad and new iphone.

Hello duders, just wanted to talk about the recent rumors coming from Apparently Apple is going to announce a new Ipad and a new Iphone this September. 
Details on the new Ipad include: 

  • Ipad with a 7 inch screen
  • Likely to be released in Early 2011
I hope this is true because it might actually make be buy an ipad if this is cheaper 
Details on new Iphone are: 
  • Probably going to be the 5th generation Iphone
  • Fixed antenna
  • Also possibly a Verizon Iphone (i seriously dought this)
  • Going to be released early 2011
I don't know what to think about this. I don't think this is true because Apple wouldn't do an entire hardware change for one issue. I think the announcement is going to an iphone 4.5 where they just fix the hardware and move on.  

DUDERS is the best movie review site ever 
They are really good at making reviews that are down to earth. 
Everyone should check it out 
P.S. a little side note Selena Gomez is HOT

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Hey guess what: The Hurt Locker won best picture.

Yes i realize that this is way late but i have to say something about it. 
If everybody remembers i posted a blog (check it out here) saying that i think that Avatar wasn't going to win best picture and i gave my thoughts on why it wasn't going to win. But now The Hurt Locker won and everybody said that i was wrong and that Avatar was going to win. But guess what Hurt Locker won so i think that i have earned the right to say: "HA HA". 
I don't mean to offend all of you guys but i have to say i had more faith in the academy than any of you guys 


Fact: Avatar will not win best picture at the Oscars.

I am posting this because people are so sure that Avatar will win the oscar but me i am not convinced. The reason i think people are so sure that Avatar will win, in my view, is just because it won the best picture at the golden globes. Now allow me to say this: JUST BECAUSE A MOVIE WINS THE BEST PICTURE DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL WIN THE OSCAR. Allow me to point all of you to the facts. 
The 2008 winner of the best picture of the golden globes was Slumdog Millionaire . The Oscar Slumdog Millionaire.   
2007 GG: Atonement. Oscar: No Country for Old Men
2006 GG: Babel. Oscar: The Departed 
2005 GG: Brokeback Mountain. Oscar: Crash. (Crash wasn't even nominated for the Golden Globe) 
2004 GG: The Aviator. Oscar: Million Dollar Baby 
2003 GG: LOTR ROTK. Oscar: Same movie 
2002 GG: The Hours. Oscar: Chicago. (Again Chicago wasn't nominated for the Golden Globe) 
I can keep this list going but as you can see there is only two time that the Oscars and the Golden Globes gave the best picture to the same movie. Now i realize that the Academy is very unpredictable with their awards so they might give the Oscar to something crazy like Up (not that it doesn't deserve it. Its just that its an animated film I'm not sure that The Oscars would do that). So there are my thoughts. 


My Top Ten Films of 2009 (That isn't an actual top ten list)

Hey guys its that time of the year for me to give my top ten films of 2009. Now as the title suggests this list isn't an actual top ten films. Its more of a list of ten films that I like that came out this year. So without further ado here we go 

  • District 9: This was one of the most original film i have seen in a long time and is one hell of a tour de force 
  • Precious: Very few movies make me cry, most films just  make me just really sad,  this film made me cry like a baby
  • Up in the Air: If i could describe this film in three words it would be funny, sexy, and awesome
  • Avatar: Sure it is more impressive on a technical level then on a story level and people are going to ridicule me for doing putting here, but i don't fucking care its my list.
  • The Hurt Locker: Most war films are very heavy handed, this film isn't. Probably one of the most suspenseful films this year
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox: A really charming film and in my opinion Wes Anderson's best film since Rushmore.
  • Star Trek: I never really had an opinion on Star Trek because I never seen an episode or any of the other movies, but this movie is awesome
  • The Hangover: The most hilarious film of the year.
  • Inglourious Basterds: Quentin Tarantino's best film since Pulp Fiction
  • The Messenger: People probably don't know what the fuck this film is, but i am not going to describe it to you because it would take to long, but is one of Woody Harrelson's best performance in a long time and I highly recommend it. 
 There you go. My ten favorite films of 2009.

My game of the year

My game of the year is Batman: Arkham Asylum. I have never played any comic book game quite like Batman. It really is great 
Now my runner-up: Uncharted 2. This game is Badass but i feel like Batman had a lot more stuff to do 


To all the people making fun of Modern Warfare 2.

Please do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP. I mean really all you people are doing is making fun of hotly anticipated game so they can feel cool or some other dumb ass reason. I know that i am not going to stop this i am just merely stating my opinion.



I think that it could possibly be released in some form either officially or it will end up on the internet somewhere but i do hope it does come out cause it looked decent

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I think that it could possibly be released in some form either officially or it will end up on the internet somewhere but i do hope it does come out cause it looked decent

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