Shark boy 24:7 says that i am going into TNA video game

Thats right its confirmed that shark boy will be in the new TNA video game TNA iMPACT!.  But not only will shark boy be in the game it has been confirmed that Brother Ray and Brother D-Von will be in the game so everyone will get to be team 3d and have fun. But so far my favorite new wrestler in the game is of course Big sexy Kevin Nash who looks weird because he's wearing jeans and purple polo shirt and dosen't wear traditional wrestling attire. I also watched Game trailers tv and i found out some of the downloadable characters that are going to be in the game. One of which is going to be the man he's hot, he's spicy, he taste's great CURRY MAN. I am super excited that the king of spice will be in the game and as well. Also a blast from midway's past afro thunder will also be in the game. More downloadable wrestler's coming you're way with maple leaf muscle Petey Williams. Which means you will be doing canadian destroyers and dropkick like no other when you play as little Petey pump. 

Also there will be a few unlockable characters already in the game such as suicide a new TNA wrestler coming to TNA soon and rumors say that this guy will be what Kaz is going to do now because he left TNA as part of a storyline and people say that this is going to be what he is going to do. Also to add a new character to the TNA video game roster Sonjay Dutt will also be in the game as well so get ready to not play as him. Thats all on this TNA video game news update see you in the impact zone take it away curry man.
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Giant Bomb launch

Giant bomb is officially in the building so i am posting to give my thoughts on the site so far.  This site is awesome so much better than other game sites and also brings a lot of different and unique things to the table. Some of these ideas are like being able to edit the site and add new stuff to the site just at the click of a button. The site is a little buggy in some parts but i expect the editorial squad to fix those problems and make the site easier to use. My favorite thing about the site is editing anything i want. This site is the greatest of all time and will live forever so thats my first post on giant bomb and hope this site will bring a lot of users

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