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How dare someone like something that I don't like. Everyone should conform to my interests and not have an opinion of their own.

Ok on a serious note, why is it a big deal that he likes a game that you did not enjoy. Brad has said that he recognizes the problems with the game's lack of content but he enjoys the way it plays. Which I agree with, its the most fun shooter in terms of gameplay but the game is so god damn sparse in terms of content that I have a hard time putting it on my game of the year list. Really just get over yourself.

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@corevi: i just hope that some site out there gives transistor's music the props it deserves

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I hope that at least a few sites give this game best music of the year. I haven't heard a soundtrack in a game this good since hotline miami.

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I just got reminded I was on track to 100 percent that game and I need to go do that.

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Guys.......they did the thing.

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@sbaitso said:

It's really hard to take this guy seriously when he spends a fair amount of time bitching about the "7-9 scale" in games reviewing (and maybe he's right about that one), seemingly has very little positive to say about the game, gives an average of about 2.5 out of 5 in the three displayed metrics, and then gives the game an 8 point fucking 8.

I think that shows this piece of garbage writing isn't an actual review and more of a platform to go off on the "social justice media" and get pissed off about gay people. In reality he is just mocking the game reviewing process.

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Most Forgotten About Game: Titanfall

I would like to throw transistor in that mix.

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@teaoverlord: Sounds like something shitty he would do. I don't want to click on the link to read the review cause fuck that website

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@poobumbutt: The funny part about him ranting about the homosexual relationships is that HE IS GAY HIMSELF. I don't have a problem with gay people so I don't understand how he is getting his panties in a bunch over gay relationships in a game when he himself is gay.

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You know I see all these cries of "oh god censorship" but what people are failing to realize is that if Valve doesn't want this game on their service, then they are allowed to pull it from their service. These developers can sell their game through their own website if they wish, but ultimately valve has final say as to what goes on their service. Also the game looks like hot garbage.