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At a barbecue and someone just drove by blasting Finn Balor's entrance theme out of their car. Thought I needed to share that.

I do that with Seth Rollins' theme. Not ashamed to admit it.

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Got my nickname from a random name generator and stuck with it.

My profile is a picture of my favorite pro wrestler Finn Balor.

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Guys......Samoa Joe

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So do they replace Hideo or do they just do Balor vs Breeze?

I know some people here skeptical of it happening but maybe MAYBE Samoa Joe replaces Hideo. That would be cool but hey I'm not holding by breath. What bums me out most is that Hideo is going to miss the WWE Japan tour. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that is for him as an opportunity to go back to his home country.

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GUYS GUYS. What if Owens drops the title to Sami, Gets moved up to the main roster to have his match with Cena and we have a feud over the US title. Oh my god that would be too good.

Also I am interested to see if the Samoa Joe rumors regarding the NXT special are true or not. Wonder what they will do with him down there and if this lead to a run on the main roster.

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What Konami thinks about their customers.

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I would rather watched a 10 second Ronda Rousey fight instead.

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I always found it interesting how people complained about the direction the Banjo series took with Nuts and Bolts. I thought that was a fun new direction for that series but the way people were complaining and pining for a classic Banjo game was really odd.

That being said I hope this game turns out well. I would like to play a modern take on those classic platformers that were all the rage.

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