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Well this thread seems to be going off the deep end. All I'll say is that thanks to ps+ I have found a great number of good indie games to play since the release of the ps+. I also finally played injustice: gods among us thanks to ps+ and found that to be a fun fighting game.

I'll just take the Dan Ryckert route and say "everything is going to be ok". Don't you guys worry, just stay positive.

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I don't think Tomba and Tomba 2 are mentioned in terms of the great ps1 games. I could be wrong I don't know. To me those games were my favorites for ps1

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I would suggest either the bioshock games or Skyrim.

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SVU started being shit around season 9.

When Christopher Meloni left I checked out.

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Is that a shitty remix of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child.

I'm not watching this movie.

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Welcome to the jungle.

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Guys......that ending

I don't know what to think about that. Holy shit KO by KO

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Well, on the bright side is that there is no reason for me to pay for cable.

But seriously this is the worst possible news for me. Jon Stewart has been the most consistently enjoyable television for the past decade and it sucks to hear he is leaving.

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I finally got around to watching Birdman and honestly for me its a 2/5. The movie just seemed like it had its head way too far up its own ass. I just felt it came across as way too whiny about how no one wants to see art they would rather see entertainment. The director just felt like he wanted to get yell, kick, and scream about how his movies aren't taking serious by audiences. I have not liked any of Inarritu's past work and I suspect that I probably won't go see another one. Now if people want to yell at me for being wrong they are certainly welcome to do so.

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In spite of the Rumble being extremely disappointing, it was great to hear Bubba Ray yell "get the tables" in the WWE again. (albiet it wasn't with Devon but hey I'll take what I can get).