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A bad game with limited controls 0

Sonic and the Secret Rings has generally been seen as one of the better Sonic console titles since the series began to struggle following the Genesis era. People actually like this game. How is that possible? This is a bad game further crippled by shit controls. The game is broken up into 7 worlds, each containing 10 or so missions. Each world is introduced with a headliner action stage. These main stages demonstrate a new take on the modernized Sonic gameplay dilemma, as Sonic is constantly mov...

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One of the most surprisingly fun and frantic Live experiences 0

People come to Marble Blast Ultra because they want a good marble labyrinth game, right? It is XBLA's original answer to Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball. MBU certainly delivers a satisfying amount of well designed proto-platformer courses to swiftly navigate against the clock. Leaderboards and achievements successfully push the incentive for practice and perfection, and hours will be milked testing your patience, ability, and luck against the harder stages. However, long after the thr...

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A troubled Jak in a troubled sequel 0

The changes in design and tone in Jak II, while unexpected, aren't a major stretch considering what the first game established. Jak and Daxter had already embraced an open world design, allowing the GTA3 mission structure and city setting to easily click as II's hub. The characters aren't too soft to handle the angrier tone. Cousin series Ratchet and Clank proved that weapon combat can work really well in this type of platformer. The new pieces Jak II inherits are known quantities. The ma...

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A quintessential PS2 adventure 0

Naughty Dog became a forefront developer in the late 90s by crafting Sony's original leading candidate for mascot appeal. The Crash Bandicoot series were heavily streamlined action platformers that served their content fast and frequent. Jak and Daxter represents a platformer 180, with it's open world offering and exploration encouragement. The pacing is much more methodical and collection provides the main incentive. However, the game successfully avoids the collect-a-thon threat b...

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A proper GTA alternative 0

Saints Row was announced and released within the first wave of Xbox 360 titles. With GTA 4 being far off in the distance, THQ seized the opportunity to cater to a large audience craving some open world fun on their shinny new console. Fortunately, it turned out to be a win-win scenario for both the publisher and the player.Anyone who has ever played a GTA game will be able to pick up and play Saints Row without skipping a beat. Saints Row obviously lifts it's basic structure from the beloved ser...

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Vice City knows and understands it's greatest assets 0

 All three entries in the GTA 3 trilogy are well represented by legions of fans as the best in the series. GTA 3 may have the landmark significance, and San Andreas may have the overwhelming scope, but Vice city contains the undeniable style. In terms of American decades, the 80s has perhaps the strongest sense of pop culture style, and Vice City runs with this. Vice City plays almost exactly like GTA 3. There's the addition of motorcycles and more aircafts among some other tweaks, but for the...

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The Blueprint 0

It was one of the most notable releases in an overwhelming year for video games, stands out as one of the largest names when looking back at the previous decade, and will continue to receive premier accolades as long as video games exist. The quality of storytelling in games, the concept of sandbox gameplay in a well realized environment, and developers and publishers who aren’t afraid to flip off tight asses all have GTA3 to thank for setting a towering benchmark.  Your nameless, voiceless char...

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Dirt is a well rounded rally experience 0

There's a lot of off-roading to be had in Dirt. The Colin McRae series' first current-gen iteration keeps it's focus on traditional rally events, but a variety of alternative race types are readily available to prevent the content from growing stale. From enduring hill climbs to catastrophe-waiting-to-happen buggy corr races, there are a lot of viable race options to select from when you're exhausted of typical checkpoint rally events. The racing itself is solid. The handling successfully diff...

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The pinnacle of arcade racing 11

Blaze a path of destruction and never look back. It's the philosophy behind Burnout 3. There have been vehicular combat games that encouraged slamming opponents before B3, but none had ever done it with such a realized sense of aggression and satisfaction, and none have been able to match it's impact. The blood thirsty addiction to taking out opponents that players develop while playing B3 gives it an edge in the crowded world of arcade racing games, which struggled to find a new icon after the ...

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At least it's got personality 1

Psychonauts is a very creative game filled with charisma, there's no denying that. The cast of characters that Raz meets and converses with at Whispering Rock all have vibrant personalities and act as a great catalyst for camprground exploration while providing a force of connection to the story. You'll go out of your way to have Raz interact with the various camp goers and counselors. The story itself is one of the games strongest aspects by far. Raz is a very endearing character, and the flesh...

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Solid platforming and a quality production make this a must try 0

The fluid controls and animations of the original Prince of Persia are unlike anything from that era. That level of fidelity translated to a true three dimensional world without a hitch in The Sands of Time. One of the more significant aspects of this game is how well the Prince controls. He has a very impressive catalog of acrobatics including wall running, pole swinging, tightrope balancing, ledge scaling, and rope climbing. All of his moves are easy to perform due to a control scheme t...

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XIII's comic book delivery can't make up for its flat gameplay 0

Last generation, First Person Shooters rose up as the prominent genre for consoles in the wake of the original Halo's success. Out of the hordes of FPS games that were released, 2003's XIII has stood out due to it's unique comic book presentation. The game is actually based on a series of graphic novels, so it is certainly a plot driven title. You play as agent XIII, initially waking up on a beach with a case of amnesia. Action goes down almost immediately. Throughout the story you are t...

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DKC boasts a beautiful presentation and timeless gameplay 0

The first thing you notice when you play Donkey Kong Country is how different it looks from the other 2D games of it's time. The characters, objects, and environments all have depth to them, and the rendered lighting gives them a much more realistic look. Gorgeous environments make use of the technical prowess, with colorful jungles, intimidating factories, haunting caves, and sublime ocean levels spread throughout the adventure. The ambient soundtrack matches the graphical excellence and they b...

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