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Will any developer ever just say "So the original release date is jam packed with other games, so no one will buy our game, so we're just gonna shift it a little."? I'd at least respect their honesty. Stuff like Watch Dogs being delayed due to clashing with Black Flag, but Ubisoft saying it was for polish, and then the game coming out and not being very polished, is what irks me.

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Speaking of @patrickklepek's proposed design doc hub for designers, we're still waiting on that Amy Hennig/Chaos in the Windy City feature.

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I can't speak for the quality of Divinity: OS, but I'd liken it more to if you were a TV critic and instead of watching really good shows from recent years, you kept watching Ken Burns, or other documentaries that take up a lot of your time. Differently satisfying, I'm sure. But dude, just play Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls and Persona 4.

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So this game's ending is like a movie that doesn't have an ending, and makes you decide for yourself what happened, but doesn't have any nuance. Like that Christian golf movie where you had to visit a website

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The best thing is the follow up tweet of Edmund McMillen, where his niece tells him that he can differentiate between meat girls and boys by giving the girls muscles and the boys a red bow and makeup.

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I know the QLs were probably recorded on the same day, but I love that we're like 4 QLs into GBEast and we already have callbacks and memes.

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Mustard is good but I'm okay with Dan and Jeff not liking it. I've found mustard is usually best mixed with ketchup or something.

And let's not forget stuff like honey mustard and dijon mustard, neither of which are like regular mustard at all, as Brad was trying to say.

edit: Also, Jeff doesn't like onions and Dan/Jeff don't like pickles, so what do they know?

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I was watching the stream live, but it got so infuriating I sort of zoned out. When I came back, Vinny was trying to get the robot to put the pepper grinder down for some reason. When the show ended and I went back to watch the context, I saw that Vinny was trying to get the pepper grinder down for about half an hour.

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You're gonna wanna maybe check out the Bot Colony stream Vinny did today. And then pick up the pepper grinder.

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Jim Sterling and GAF seem to be reporting that the exclusive pre order DLC WILL be available for purchase later, because of course it would, because SEGA isn't going to say no to more money.