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I remember also being confused at that "Madison finds out who the killer is" twist. Read a David Cage interview a while later that basically tried to handwave it by saying that while Madison may have never met the killer, WE had and thus the scene was built to be as if WE had discovered who the killer was at that moment.

And keep that in mind, I liked Heavy Rain. It's not amazing, but it's kinda cool.

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Also, gotta love how you said you had to toss a lot of footage, and this time the video is even longer

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I remember your PAX East video! It was incredibly intimidating!

Stop making the rest of us video enthusiasts look bad!

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It's cute that Notch thinks he can somehow put the genie back in its bottle, go back to being a struggling game dev who does game jams, and have everyone pretend things are the way before Minecraft. EVERYTHING he touches will have his reputation on it. Everyone will want to play the next thing from Notch, the Minecraft guy. He can't go back to being a struggling artist along with other REAL struggling artists with 2.5 billion dollars in his back pocket. Whether he chooses to live in it or not, the ivory tower is visible to everyone around him.

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I mean, you don't have a time machine to stop yourself from buying the system before there were any games you wanted to play, so I would either sell it and buy the system again when you have a game you want to play on it (probably get decent used machines from like minded individuals) or just hold onto it and wait till the games you want to play are out on it.

Never buy a thing unless there are games you want to play on it.

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Can...can I submit a write in candidate for "Always"? Sonic has never really been fun for me. He goes too fast and I can't even see what I'm "doing", so it ends up that I'm not doing much of anything at all besides looking at colors.

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Also, I recall the gang liking South Park a lot. Maybe that will win GOTY?

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I've discussed this elsewhere, but who else thinks they're just gonna give Most Disappointed to the year of 2014 in gaming in general? With all the GamerGate bullshit, all/most games getting delayed till next year, Destiny and Watch Dogs being general disappointments, and there mostly being nothing to play on new consoles except up-rezzed last gen ports. There's no WAY GB just gives biggest disappointment to one title in particular. The entire concept of triple A games right now is fucked, and I think Gaming in 2014 will take home the award.

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I can't draw. Can I make a gif?

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Last week's Nature Box ads were scarily unfunny, but it looks like they wrote some better material this week. I just remember Jeff singing about flax and mango