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It certainly does feel like this thread, without any sort of official vote system, is just a bunch of people screaming into the void. I mean, the first thread had that one guy who did a pie chart, but when everyone is just shouting random suggestions, eventually people start to pile on to a few ideas.

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Well Dan got community help on bolstering the level. This hardly seems fair and in line with the spirit of the original challenge.

Patrick should compete under protest cause this seems like Dan is cheating.

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There are many factors you have to think about here. Dan's mind is crazy enough to make some terrible Kaizo Mario shit, probably. But Patrick seems to have infinite patience in dealing with bullshit. But there is a time limit here that Patrick has to follow, and he might not have 72 hours to brute force the level the way we all hope he would.

Also the reward for either side is 100 dollars donated to charity, so I think Patrick would be more than willing to quit and tap out early if he doesn't want to/can't beat the level. I mean, I figure he's got like a wife and family to see and dinner plans and stuff. By being an adult, he automatically works at a disadvantage here.

As much as I hate to say it, I think I'm begrudgingly voting for Dan, here.

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Fuck, just went back to watch the real MacGyver intro. The parts where Dan/Angus eats the ice cream cone and it ending on both Dan and Angus puffing out their cheeks to blow out air was an inspired sync, as well as a few other synced up scenes.

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He prefers to be known as Kleptok, thank you. Patrick Kelepk is offended.

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You mean you got to meet Time's Person of the Year from 2006?!

I think I played Necropolis at PAX East. It was like Dark Souls but faster and with better movement. Not like Lords of the Fallen, but more like say...DMC. I was fighting guys in the air, but I still had to parry and dodge and getting hit was meaningful in regards to dying.

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Before people complain, remember this review was edited and read over by the staff before it went up. Therefore they approved of it.

Frankly, I'm glad we're getting more Austin pieces, and a review that's longer than the back of a DVD case. Sorry, Dan.

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I feel like Austin would enjoy Person of Interest. It at least pretends to be more than a procedural

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Well Austin didn't buy an Ouya. I think that puts him one up on Jeff and Dan.

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I hope we get to play as Austin Walker in the new Tomb Raider