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Sometimes you'll have entries for Quick Looks that haven't gone up yet, including who is showing off the game. Is that just an educated guess or some black magic?

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The game actually played kinda interestingly at PAX East. Alex said on Twitter that they know the game exists, so hopefully a Quick Look soon?

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Oh right, there was an F1 sale on Steam. Whoops.

Guess I'll continue just imagining what the tracks look like in my head from Drew and Danny's descriptions.

F1 2014 is technically out of date, right? They usually release the game in the middle of the current season?

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Last year's venue was great, clean, and free of stabbings and vermin

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I saw you take that sexy selfie with Vinny! And the Dead Dan Ryckert one.

Did you get hugs from people too? Turns out they're great. Not sure why I've avoided them so much over the years. Dave Lang is a hug impresario, and Samantha Kalman was also great at it.

Everyone stayed and chatted after the GB panel until they kicked us out of the building. Damn laws.

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The Harmonix guys I talked to said they had a few volunteers offer to record PAXAMANIA more professionally than just the static Twitch cameras, as well as some behind the scenes stuff. We directly compared it to Beyond the Mat.

So expect something like that soon, with hopefully out of character interviews and a better shot of Dan going through the table.

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Damn, now that I know that I can just ask if I could record a panel for people, I'm definitely going to ask around next year. Not just the Video Sausage stuff: the Harmonix guys said they had some fans ask to record their panel and they also shot a backstage mini doc thing. Kinda like Behind the Mat but with less trampolines.

edit: I think that Alex guy ended up using Gamespot/Giant Bomb's equipment, but the Harmonix volunteers brought their own equipment.

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I was at the show, so basically my favorite part was everything. The kids playing tabletop. Fathers dressed in costume with their kids. All the gender bending.

Ah, who am I kidding. It was giving Jeff my Tim Allen book and him reading it.

But in all seriousness, I might put up a rambly blog post about my show experience. Didn't take many photos, but got awesome hugs from esteemed members of Team GFB and Indie Love Coalition. Met some forum chuckle heads (from here and a different forum, weirdly enough) who were all rad. Played Steel Battalion. Got bopped by PSeg.

The list goes on. And now I'm sitting in my hotel. PAX comedown is real.

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They did that with the PRODUCED panel last year, which was great until they started getting tweets about rap videos because someone hijacked the hash tag

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I gave Jeff the book. It was not a planned bit by them, even if it went smoothly, though hearing Jeff read an excerpt reminded me why I had that page earmarked and why I stopped reading. Fuck Tim Allen.