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I realize that the scenario is a bit different, but comparing this Q&A with the PAX panels makes a lot of the PAX panel questions so much more cringeworthy. The Q&As at PAX is still entertaining in a different way, but this was just really interesting all the way through.

Actually that goes for other panels at PAX actually. Most of the panels I've gone to at PAX are generally content specific and it's rare people ask dumb questions when it's not a general fan audience for a thing. For instance, even though it was Rich and Vinny at the Produced panel, everyone pretty much had a great question and it was on point to the topic. Since social issues are hard and inherently controversial, they're the only other type of panel where things can go a bit weird but overall it's mostly just been the Giant Bomb panel over the years that makes me dread Q&A.

I guess the positive spin is that in most other situations, Q&A is pretty decent if there's a topic focus or direction to the panel. If it's just a convening of fans, eh...

Is that Produced panel archived anywhere?

Patrick said something about an audio archive? Don't know if it'll go up on the site.

Vinny packed an audio recorder for PAX, but he is on vacation and also may not have used it for his panel.

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@dylanfill: Can I ask what everyone was there for if not for Jeff? I'm just curious because I thought the event was a talk with a few people, with Jeff being one of the headliners, but I suppose I have very little knowledge of the actual event surrounding the Q&A. Was it open to the public? What else was going on besides the interview and questions?

I mean, it was advertised as one talk in an ongoing series of discussions with important game biz people. But it was only ever promoted as An Evening with Jeff Gerstmann, and not like a roundtable discussion with other gaming minds. What I'm confused about is the...older people in the audience, some of which didn't seem particularly familiar with Jeff or his work. Maybe they just really dig community events.

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This was a super fun talk, and I was real glad to chat with Jeff and Alex and some of the guys from Kotaku afterwards, asking them all sorts of obtrusive questions about their eating habits. Of course, my camera is real shitty and my photos with the GB crew are all blurry, but eh: you take what you can get.

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I feel bad for the third Harmonix dude, who was not draw while Greg did and he was there for like 5 seconds.

In the words of Dave Lang, "Trites. NO PERSONALITY! BOPPED!"

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I didn't play anything on the show floor.

In related news, I feel great and not sick at all.

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I was amazed by how far they went with the adds around PAX. They went all out, I love cards against humanity guys and everything they do!

I'm pretty sure they changed each day as well. At least the ones on the first floor did.

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I heard rumors there was a guy standing near the garbage cans asking people who were throwing out their oatmeal for their oatmeal. I assume he meant he wanted the cards they were unwittingly throwing away.

There was really no point in doing that. You didn't have look all that hard to find boxes filled with pouches Pwnmeal.

Maybe that's what I was thinking of. He was standing...somewhere where there was a lot of PWNMeal. I didn't get any though.

I still say it's a great idea: gamers need food advertised to them that isn't Doritos and Mt. Dew. Oatmeal is a good first step. I workshopped the idea of gamer vegetables/Gamer Celery with some guys in line for the GB panel.

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Don't be too afraid to go up to internet peoples and ask to chat/for photos, because you'll regret it when you get home. Especially at a time when everyone was so nice and accommodating, and they're not doing things you hear about "famous people" doing and hating being bothered during, like eating meals with their families.

There were a couple of times during the weekend where I saw @drewbert and got nervous and walked away, which is weird, cause him and Vinny are GB dudes. In a perfect world, we'd all have very similar jobs, as we all (presumably) studied similar things in school . There were other people/friends of GB who I literally started talking to with "Hey, I follow you on Twitter!" and that's how conversations started. I didn't even dare sit in the empty seat next to him at the PRODUCED panel because I was too scared to. Also, let's be real, I wasn't gonna sit up straight for an hour.

Also, buy a better camera, because your photos with Alex, Jeff, and/or Vinny will be sorta blurry and it'll bum you out, even though it shouldn't really cause you can totally tell it's you in the photos.

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Man, half that list is from like, GB meetups and mod dinners.

Going to PAX East alone and chatting up strangers on the lines is the TRUE PAX East experience.

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@5grand: Well I just asked Rich and Vinny on Twitter for slides to be posted.