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Just found out about this thread and wanted to join in! I don't think Wings has been mentioned here yet. They are a new group and Blossom is their latest single, featuring Baechigi.

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Just hearing that saxophone lick at the end makes me wet inside my panties! TEX MURPHY LIVES!

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@MattyFTM said:
" @CoolRssL said:
" Why is this game not on PS3? "
Part of Team Meat's agreement with Microsoft prevents a PS3 version from ever happening. "
That sucks! I didn't know that.
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Why is this game not on PS3?

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What the hell is going on in this podcast? The Giantbomb crew has gone insane! And I love it!

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So how long until there is a mash up vid with Mad World as the music?

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Haha, I'm so glad this exists. I'm not really sure why the others (or possibly just Ryan) hated this part of the regular Bombcast, but I'm really happy that Jeff appreciates the ridiculousness of the Nintendo releases and is working hard to keep this segment alive!

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leaving a comment for an achievement...what is this story about?