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Wii Sports and Wii Play are both pretty generic.

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I do enjoy mustard now and then.  I really like dijon mustard.

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Been listening to some jazz, Oscar Peterson  and Vince Guaraldi.  Also been listening to some of my usual indie rock, like Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon.  I was on a Simon & Garfunkel kick for a while, and I've been listening to some Iron & Wine too. I love his first album.

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Hi!   I'm Michael.
I'm not really a big gamer anymore, I just really like this website.  The guys who run it make me laugh quite a bit. 
 I used to play lots of video games, but I kind of realized that I was paying lots of money for games I only played halfway through.  My attention span didn't like me to finish games.  So now I only rarely buy games.  The last game I bought was N+ for the DS.  I loved it and beat it (not much of a challenge, really), and that's been several months now.  Before that it had been about a year before I had purchased a game.
My biggest two video game addictions have been Jedi Academy and Animal Crossing (Wild World, mostly).   I like quirk- I've played my roommates copy of LittleBigPlanet and really enjoy it.  
More personally, I'm a student at Auburn University and I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with my awesome friends.  I'm a tv/radio/film major who's considering switching to an English major or Journalism, or something.  I just enjoy writing, really, and that's that I'd like my career to be based on.
so.. yeah... hey and stuff!

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I love Star Wars very much, but I'm ready for Lucas to stop milking to his masterpieces.  He needs to take on a brand new project as a last chance to redeem himself for his mistakes in the prequels.. or retire, perhaps.
(First post by the way, been visiting the site daily a couple of weeks now, haven't explored the forums much at all until today)