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Go to the corner of the garage, there should be a blueprint

Pick it up, (Jack in the box, I think)

That should let you talk to her, At least that's what worked for me, As soon as I picked up the blueprint she yelled something at me and I continued the story

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Really hoping they port this game to the new consoles, I have been looking forward to this game for sooo long and now thanks to a delay of over a year the new consoles are out.... and I have no intention of spending money on my last gen console.


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GT: xAAx Coombs

Powershots Golf

Dead Rising 3

COD: Ghosts (if my online EB pre-order ever comes in)

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Either I'm blind and couldn't find it or nobody has set one up yet, So here we go.

If you have an XBox One and want some duders to play with post your Gamertag here.

Mine is xAAx Coombs

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Your best bet here is to go to Gamestop, Buy a new controller, Then take your broken one in with the receipt and exchange it for a new working one.

It does require investing in a second controller, But the you have 2 and they will both work.

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Well I'm sure I'm late to this and you've already watched something, But if not the answer is simple

Two words - Ninja Scroll

First anime I ever saw, And still one of my favourites.

...well actually now that I think about it the very first was the Original DragonBall

And I have watched that full series with my son now. So.... yeah.

If your looking for a movie go Ninja Scroll if you want a series DragonBall or you could get far more obscure but these are both very good starting points.

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