Better 500 Errors

I know, you read that title and you're all, "WTF, 500 error pages suck! What could you do to possibly make them better?" Well, we log each and every single one of those errors using a great open source tool called Sentry. Sentry then groups these errors and sorts them in a dashboard so we can quickly identify and fix some of the more frequently occurring bugs. Unfortunately, the smaller errors tend to get buried and it wasn't possible to identify and track down a single, specific error that one of you may have experienced.

Now Top Men are even MORE aware!

That has all changed with this most recent patch. Now, when you experience a 500 error you should receive an ID (hex format) at the bottom of the page which you can reference when reporting the bug to a staff user, moderator or in the bug reporting forum.

This patch will most likely go out with our next deploy, so keep an eye out and please reference these IDs it when reporting bugs from now on. Thanks for all of your support guys, we love you. Hard.