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While this is all fresh in your guys' minds -- do you honestly think it is worth buying a PS3 in order to play the Uncharted games?

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@Koobasta said:

Can't wait! Unfortunately, due to the date it's coming out (Feb. 14), I probably won't get to play it on release day. Unless I want to sleep on the couch

Damn - they have a release date set too!? I am late to the game on all this stuff. Where are you guys getting your SSX news from?

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@msavo said:

@coonce: You getting the PS3 version Coonce? I doubt they are going to put Mount Fuji in the 360 version, they made a pretty big deal about it being exclusive, so might as well get more bang for your buck.

That is the first I've heard of this. Total bummer if that's the case. Did you hear them discussing any 360 exclusive content?

To be frank, the whole business of platform/vendor/etc. exclusives may make sense to the publisher's bottom line, but it is a complete disservice to the end consumer.

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@Marino said:

@coonce: Yeah, the pipes through Alaska could be pretty fun. They do mention in Kaori's bio for the new game that her brother is building a new Tokyo Megaplex. So maybe it'll be included? Or DLC?

I would be totally down for some DLC mountains/tracks. As long as the engine is solid, I could buy and play new tracks for years!

btw - EA just launched their a new gameplay video detailing the "Survive It" challenges here:

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@MorkaiTheWolf said:

@coonce: I know it's not a pertinent feature for the site but has it been discussed very much?

I believe Andy is working on this next week.

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After watching the Forza 4 Quicklook and listening to Jeff's cars needs, I was wondering what type of new car I would suggest for him.

He currently drives an older (late '90s Ford Mustang) and he has a massive commute from Petaluma to San Francisco every day. After thinking about this for a few minutes my initial suggestion would be for him to purchase some sort of Cadillac since they're plush and would provide a comfortable ride for a bigger guy. After further thought however, I would probably recommend some type of hybrid so he could save gas money on his long commutes.

What would you recommend?

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@mewarmo990 said:

@coonce: Thanks for addressing the problem! But my points are still missing. Is the upcoming wiki update going to fix this?

I do not know if this will fall inside the scope of the work being done for wikid 2.0 --- but thank you for bringing it to our attention; we will make sure it is something that gets fixed in the near future.

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@Dante87: Right on! Thanks for helping out with the site -- we appreciate everything you guys do :)

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Yeah guys - the user feeds (for both blogs and activity) have been removed from the site. They were running on old tech and have been deprecated since our activity upgrade about 1-2 months ago. If this is something you guys really want, chat it up with our new activity guru Sam.