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All I know is that this situation is extremely depressing and I have no idea if it will get any better or what to do to help. I feel ashamed to like games due to the harassers from the community and like Alex I have all this anger and sadness but I don't know what to do with it. I can only imagine how the harassed feel and they are probably way stronger then I could ever be in that situation. Fuck everything.

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- South Park: The Stick of Truth

- Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

- The Wolf Among Us

- Mario Kart 8

- Ace Attorney Investigations: The Prosecutors Path (fan translation)

Those are 2014 games i've played so far that made the biggest impressions on me. Still have to play Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney which should be delivered next week, and i've been hyped for both Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

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That Disney Pirates of the Caribbean game that looked similar to the Fable games. Bummed me right out when I heard it was cancelled.

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Does 999 count?

Just replayed it recently, and it occurred to me that I know literally 3 people that I could have a conversation with about it. (And one of them is a little too busy running a bunch of content for this website to talk to me about it!) As a guy who generally has troubles getting into games from Japan, the game captured me in a way that very few do, and I've been trying similar games in 999's genre to try and branch out...and it's not working out the same way

VLR is damn good too, but it had a little too much fan service and now they've trapped themselves into a franchise that may never get completed...

Both 999 and VLR are great games that completely destroy your mind with their endings. I hope we get a third game eventually.

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Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale was the first game I purchased over Steam although, the Half-Life 1 Anthology was the first one I registered and I bought it retail.

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@bgmnts said:

The gaming community can be utterly vile and crappy a lot of the time.

I don't think thats an unpopular opinion at all. Sadly thats just the truth.

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Shadow of Mordor is the only one of those games that interests me. I tried but disliked The Witcher 2 and I haven't been that big on Bioware since they were acquired by EA, plus Dragon Age 2 wasn't exactly the greatest.

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I'm playing The Last Story on the Wii because Xenoblade Chronicles is too expensive to buy these days.

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Ys Origins is a pretty darn good game. Granted I never played the other Ys Games but Origins stands pretty well on its own.

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I understand the appeal of the Dynasty Warriors games and actually have enjoyed both 3 and 4 in the past.

The Wii U is the only current gen console on the market that actually has games I want to play in the coming months.

Skyward Sword is a great Zelda game and has some of the most memorable characters in the series.

I love Psychonauts but the figments are the worst collectibles i've ever seen in a platformer. They fade in and out, they blend in to the background, they move through walls and floors, and finding all of them on Milla's Dance party racetrack is just tedious.