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No offense, but the fact that you thought in the beginning that people that didn't drink were weird and now you have changed your mind, tells me that you are immature. Because you had to go to and experience it yourself just to be able to see the other face of the coin.

Maybe you have to open your mind a little bit more and try to understand why people do things differently. And maybe after this experience you will no longer see vegans as weird... you may end up being one of them later in life.

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I understand the point of these rules, however intolerance creates more rebels. I remember, 15 years ago, when I was in high school I painted my hair red after the end of the school year. Still, the principal made a huge deal about it and didn’t want to let me go to the graduation party. The principal had a talk with my parents but my mom (being an atheist) lost it when the principal told her that that was not the way god intended it to be. Needless to say my mom yelled at the principal and threatened to sue the school because there was no rule about it at the time, and because the classes were over anyway. Then she encouraged me to stay with the red and go to the party regardless of the inconformity of the principal.

When I think about it, what bothers me the most is that if there was a girl who did it, then everything would have been ok. Because, you know, the society has accepted women changing the hair color as they please.

After the event I just got over it, and never continued doing it. But I wonder how much time will it take each person to get out of their system that unnecessary and “unfounded” sometimes rebel attitude. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its part of life...

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I need a dislike botton

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Uncharted2 and RE5 are easy if you only go for the platimum, but super hard if you go for the 100% including the DLC. Now that is a challenge.

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Looking at your dad after playing videogames really makes you feel old, specially when you realize it was not your dad but a mirror.

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At the beggining I felt the same, is so different from what it used to be, but I still like it.

Check the Rock band store, the are releasing 3 of their classic 90's songs next week!

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In mexico, in every single street's corner you can buy pirated games, cds, movies, and all kind of counterfeit products. WTF even when crossing the border from Mexico to Texas, on the mexican side, there is people walking on the streets selling you pirated dvds ("giving you excellent service") directly to your car's window.

Maybe magaupload should move to Mexico, nobody cares there.

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just make sure that when you play the first RE, you play te Remake version made for the Game Cube

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No sir!