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I got guile's already, they are not very hard, as a matter of fact charge characters combos must be the easier ones, but not sure. 
I did it with a SF4 pad and I want to do the remaining trials but... well... so I applied for the stupid amazon credit card in order to get $40 off the price for the SSF4 fight stick, and since I want to force myself to get use to the stick I wanna do the trails with the stick, but amazon is still reviewing my credit history, and it has been 15 days already since I applied and today they called me asking for additional information.... really? wtf, what have they been doing all this time, I should have been approved by now. I can just go ahead and buy the stick and use the promotional credit for a future purchase, but I do not buy things in amazon very often, so I dont know. 
What do you guys think? get a stick already, or do the trials with the pad, or F'ing wait until amazon gives me the credit card?
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@Stang:  That also explains why you pick the blonde guy.
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@Stang said:
"....T Hawk....that guy can fuck himself." 
I just realized you are racist. Those are the same kind of comments you had against El Fuerte.
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good shit. Thanks
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It feels to me that his normals make more damage, plus the new ultra is way more easy to do... and wayyyyyy more usefull. I am feeling the difference.. all I need now is the freaking stick
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I recommend you Patapon 2 ... also megaman hunter X
(dont even bother with patapon 1)
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Do it man, we no need fancy edition
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man, I cannot lose in front of everbody