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Really, bandwagon?
 This is not new, WM2 and BLOPS were also steamworks.  Dedicated servers are a nice improvement over MW2 though.

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Good, I'll be playing this on pc and I'm glad to hear this.
BTW, Giantbomb, thanks for focusing on the goofy mods on PC, and not the lag free multiplayer.

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@xhavoc86: Yes, I know. But whatever keeps his attention at this group of disgruntled PC gamers asking for a port is all good for me. I want this game on PC! And so do many more. And the bigger part of Russian gamers. It's odd because so many don't see the logic in not releasing it on PC, while NRS seemingly does. Or Warner Bros does.


Does Warner have a twitter account?
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Hey guys, if you're interested in supporting a PC port of the game, visit the forums and throw in your two cents!

Ed Boon has already confirmed our fears via twitter, there's no PC port in the works right now. But they have talked about it. Maybe if we turn up the volume some, they'll talk about it again!

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I would love to see MK9 come to PC. Buying a console and a HDTV for one game alone is a bit too crazy.
So I've been asking Ed Boon on twitter about a PC port. No answer yet. It's hard to get a straight answer. All we have to go on are hints at and speculation.

We'll have to wait and see. Perhaps there will be an announcement at E3?

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For what it's worth, a .ini decrypter has been posted on the bulletstorm boards. That at least will help tweak the game a bit.
Check it out:

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Looks like a modern rendition of a painting about John the Baptist.