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To be honest, he's just looking for a steady piece of ass until he graduates. I'm guessing (I don't know the man, so I can't say anything for sure.) he see's you as a safe bet, his plan "b". Someone who is always in his back pocket until he thinks he can find someone better. Some guys call it a "starter girlfriend". Dump his ass, don't sleep with him, get ripped and in shape and find some better.

As a man, I've been in your situation. Woman usually want attention, complements and free food instead of sex...

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Great show, but the first episode was all over the place. Wasn't thematically consistent, they go from the solar system, dark worlds, to the big bang, to some history of astronomy, the history of the universe, stars & the history of the show and Carol Sagan. Needs to be more focused.

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Read the manga, it gets even crazier!

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The better question would be if you knew for sure there was an afterlife. If people knew once they died they went to, I don't know, the fairy realm were they would continue there existence. Peoples behavior would change dramatically.

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Find an area of game design that you have an interest in. If your not sure what you have an interest in, download trail software for Maya or Autodesk and some dev tools. From there, experiment; find what you like. I tried and found out, that I don't like coding and moved towards 3D animation. Once you explored a bit, start making your own mods for games. your own weapons models, new textures, re-code the weapons, new sound effect you make yourself, your own maps & story, etc.

After you've done that for a while, go to a modding forum. There you can meet other new developers you can join small mod team and contribute to the overall project. You'll start to build a Demo-reel that you can show a future employer.

Find a good game design school as your doing this, it'll make your demo-reel even more solid. I would also recommend using the Half Life source engine or Unreal. They're really easy to use and have tons of tutorials online.

Good luck.

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@yillb said:

Summed up in song form:

Wow, that summed up my opinion exactly. I always wait 6 to 8 months; get it in the summer. Play any back logged games, then a few months later it'll be winter and you'll have the holiday rush. The only system I bought on launch was a Wii, and I never really touched it...

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I heard "Splinter of the minds eye" is really good.

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Great article and thanks for sharing. As a UAV Operator we have a lot of respect for the boots on the ground. Some of the stories my Squad Leader (Who was in the 82nd.) tells me are crazy and makes me respect what you do even more.