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I've been fan of the GB crew since the old Gamespot days, and been on GB since it started. I'm a Train Conductor and I fly Drones in the Army National Guard.

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I still have no idea what KH2 was about, that plot was so confusing and up its own ass it was ridiculous. I personally loved the original but it always seemed like a fan faction made into a video game, with the generic main character being shoe horned into any iconic scene or character. The oddest part to me are the KH fanboys-girls, they seem waaaaaay to into it.

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Holy Crap, I've never seen a Chuck Norris movie either. I didn't notice until now.

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Shave you head, get a nice car, and a money suit. Problem solved, women will love you.

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:) This made my morning.

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Margaret Thatcher..... Wait, what?

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Chill out, its a site about video games. Don't take this stuff too seriously. I've been here since the site first started (the old Gamespot days and Arrow pointing down.) and there is about as much content coming out as before. Also the GB staff has lost a lot of its members in the past year or so and theres a lot more pressure on a lot fewer people. (and video editing is a lot of work.) You have to also keep in my they work for a large corporation focused on profit, Whiskey Media didn't, and thats why they don't exist anymore. Without that pay wall GB would've went down with the ship.

I know millennials want everything for free, but this is the real world. Not everyone gets a trophy, and things aren't fair. Your gonna have to pay for most things in life, through sweat, tears or your wallet. So stop whining about paying 5 bucks a month or watching 10 second ads. Stop expecting things for free and feel happy that your supporting a company you love and if you think you can do better, get off you butt and do it...

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To be honest, he's just looking for a steady piece of ass until he graduates. I'm guessing (I don't know the man, so I can't say anything for sure.) he see's you as a safe bet, his plan "b". Someone who is always in his back pocket until he thinks he can find someone better. Some guys call it a "starter girlfriend". Dump his ass, don't sleep with him, get ripped and in shape and find some better.

As a man, I've been in your situation. Woman usually want attention, complements and free food instead of sex...

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