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He's doing this study to shut up the NRA, who are blaming all of America's gun violence on the media; specially Video Games.

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Can't go wrong with straight up cash. Let him buy his own boring shit...

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Not to sound like a jackass here but; If you don't like them, then don't watch them. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I personally love Spookin with Scoops and will continue to watch them.

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As for benefits. You can receive the Gi bill which can pay for school as well as your housing up to 1500 dollars a month and many military schools are offering college credits for your AIT (your army MOS training) that can be applied to a degree. In some cases you'll hand you a college degree or close to it after your training has been completed. I received a UAV degree from a national accredited college at my AIT graduation.

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In most jobs in the military your not going to be kicking down doors and shooting people. It can happen, but it's a myth that most people have about the military. Even though I fly UAVs in the army people still think I ruck though the mountains of Afghanistan, which isn't true. The most important thing you can do is to do well on the military entrance exam, the ASVAB. If you well you can pick any job you want if you get high enough. But if your looking to get a job (or MOS) were you do kick down doors and shoot people in the face, if you get too high on the ASVAB they'll bar you from doing so unless you go 18X (special forces). Last note the military is cutting back & it's getting harder into the military. It's not a walk in the park getting in, if you get in trouble during training, there's a good chance you'll be kicked out. In UAV Operator school, we had 1/3 of our barracks being kick out for stupid crap. So walk on egg shells till your done with your training.

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The lone survivor sound track is on the site as well. That sweet song for snoopkin with scoops is on there.

This is all I can think of when I read the phrase as snoopin with scoops.

HAH! That made my day!

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I don't like the new Grunts.