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Maybe they found a old country physician who patched Joel up with a stern but caring demeanor and a dark past of stitching up any man good or evil according to his unbreakable moral code.

And he is also an alien from Mars, who holds the Matrix Cube. Which Ellie steals to save the moon men from martian tyranny. The moon men high council appoint her queen of the moon, but.... she turns it down for a quiet life with Joel, hunting rabbits & macheting dudes in the face.

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@ravenx302 said:

Still my favorite call of duty, but after I beat it on Veteren.....I never want to see that fucking game again.

Yeah, fuck this game on veteran.


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Hijinks Ensure is great. But the episodes are infrequent though, listen first the beginning.

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Unless I get free cake in the mail, no dice. Thats the only upside to going to a wedding, I can eat and drink my ass off without paying for. Also seeing Ryan's "O" face on his Honeymoon would give me countless nightmares...

We've already seen Will Smiths, thats enough...

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I don't know about drinking, most people drink in America to some degree. But mainly minorities and women tend to smoke the most in America, as well as blue collar white men. Most middle class and upper class white men tend not to smoke in America.

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EST sucks, I can never zero with that thing, and the night fire sucks. i can never see the tiny blinking dot.

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Watson the original "Slender man"

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I don't know if anyone cares, but I really enjoy video game music and video game licensed music. So I thought I would put the link to Jonathan Blows:The Witness, trailer song. Its a kind of light, whimsical song.

Glass Window, by: Mediaeval baebes

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Get well soon.