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Hell yeah, I do.

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Hahaha wow, glad I saw this. Big plans to finally dig into AC3 tonight, but damn, that's a lot of bugs!

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That was so fuckin awesome

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@GloriousDinosaur said:

...a purely logical Christian perspective...

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Whoa man, I felt the same way about Skyward Sword and Darksiders, and you've done a good job articulating what I enjoyed about Dark Souls. Good post!

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Born and bred in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and have an embarrassingly limited understanding of French. I had mandatory French classes from grade 6 to grade 9, but it was super basic stuff that has mostly been forgotten.

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Grinding in Dark Souls was a lot of fun for me, because even though it was largely to gain souls / level up weapons, I was constantly improving my technique and learning more about enemies' weaknesses, etc. That was the only game I ever enjoyed grinding in that I can think of!

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I'd recommend a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 headphones. I'm a pretty serious audio nerd, and I'm still amazed at how great they sound, especially considering their price ($35!). Here's a link to them on Amazon:

They have a super nice long cord, are comfortable on your ears, and pretty durable, too. Don't just go out and buy the most expensive Sennheisers you can afford -- there is way more to it than that! If you're up for it, do what Woodwater did and try out a few pairs before you settle on one. Your ears are unique, along with your tastes, so it's best to decide for yourself. That said, I sure do love my XD200s ;)

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Yeah, this was happening to me on the Xbox version, too. Don't seem to recall this being an issue in Ep. 1, but it was constant in Ep. 2.

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