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Like it has been said before, we wouldn't gain anything from going to war with them. They're an extremely poor country that we would conquer in the blink of an eye, so why kick 'em while they're down? There really isn't that much incentive to fight them in the first place, and there are lots of other, more deserving areas that the resources that would go towards that war could be provided for. It would just be a lose-lose situation, and the USA would just end up looking like A-holes.

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@samm5506 said:
" @ADTR_ZERO said:
" Is there any way to delete history? "
No, you can't erase the past. "

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" @FunExplosions said:
" Internet Explorer has a thing that you can enable that deletes history every time you exit out of it. Just sayin'. "
Except Internet Explorer is awful. "

IE8 is actually pretty good. The past versions sucked balls, though.
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Nevermind. Got it done. Simple solution, but it was hella hard to find.
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Okay; I see what went wrong. I had Auto-Sign In enabled so I never had to sign in manually, thus it never asked for it. Just had to sign out and sign back in. Thanks for the help.
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I got RE5 running, but it says that I can't sign into GFWL until I type in my product key. I know where my product key is, but where do I enter the product key?
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So, a weird thing is happening when I try launching RE5 (probably doesn't matter that it's RE5) on my PC. It installs fine, but when I launch it, my monitor (which is a relatively old monitor, which is running on a 1280x1024 resolution) tells me that I'm trying to run it into an "UNKNOWN MODE" and goes to sleep. (I know that this is my monitor failing because my monitor has a very distinct dialog box.) It says something like "UNKNOWN MODE; H:60.0 and V:60.0, GOING TO SLEEP". Then the monitor shuts off. However, I can still hear the sound of GFWL signing in and that eerie RE5 start menu music; but there's no video. This is the same for both the DX9 and DX10 versions of the game.
Something worth mentioning is that I have recently had to reinstall Vista, so I guess there might be a possibility that I'm missing some sort of driver. If that could be the case, what driver would I need? 
Also, when I run Fallout 3, it seems to work fine, but when I mess around with some resolutions in Fallout 3, then it gives me the same error message that I'm getting when I try to launch RE5. This leads me to believe that the resolutions that the game is trying to run aren't supported by my monitor. I think that if I could get the chance to adjust the game's default resolution, then it would be fine, however all of those display settings are inside of the game (which I can't see). 
So is it a monitor/resolution problem? Should I consider getting a new monitor?
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I'm never bored on Christmas. But then again, I've never had to celebrate it far from home, so I always have something to do.