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I'm convinced Gene Hackman is playing the same character in Enemy Of The State (1998) that he was in The Conversation (1974), so that's 24 years. Not "official" though.

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128.24 Million

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Damnit Patrick. I get it. You weren't going to stay here forever, but I sure as hell wish it wasn't so soon. Seeing everything you've created here over the years has been a joy. Spookin', Splelunkin', Worth Reading, the morning show, your long-form articles and the occasional, explosive SCOOP all came with your completely unique voice and perspective that somehow fit into this crazy place perfectly. I look forward to following whatever's next for ya, but at the same time I'll really miss what this place was, because it sure as hell won't be the same.

Thanks duder. Will be keeping an eye out for whatever you've got brewing.

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I wish we could just go back to arguing about Yoshi's Island.


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I'm interested in a second league.

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Anyone have a US PS3 code? I lost my receipt with the code when I preordered.

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"A lesson in pulling the trigger on a news story" - wow, don't care for this article Patrick. Not only is this not even a great example (it was a direct quote from an Xbox exec), but this article reeks of that "lets fix games journalism" thing going on at Polygon. It's elitist and unnecessary. I think GB should continue abstaining from reporting on that stuff like you always have, and don't go after everyone else for doing it.

Games journalism criticizing other games journalism is a big part of the problem with games journalism!

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@coribald: I based my Tweet on Jeff trolling. That said, I fucked up.

I'd say it was a brilliant way to only further the confusion.