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I'm interested in a second league.

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Anyone have a US PS3 code? I lost my receipt with the code when I preordered.

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"A lesson in pulling the trigger on a news story" - wow, don't care for this article Patrick. Not only is this not even a great example (it was a direct quote from an Xbox exec), but this article reeks of that "lets fix games journalism" thing going on at Polygon. It's elitist and unnecessary. I think GB should continue abstaining from reporting on that stuff like you always have, and don't go after everyone else for doing it.

Games journalism criticizing other games journalism is a big part of the problem with games journalism!

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@coribald: I based my Tweet on Jeff trolling. That said, I fucked up.

I'd say it was a brilliant way to only further the confusion.


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Ryckert was with Danny, Alexis, and another CBSi person last night. If anyone is still doubting this.

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Those things were totally Ryan's thing. They aren't going to be what they were, but they're still okay.

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Thus quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." And at that, I'm packing up my toys and waiting til the next play day. Next round of hires, I'm coming like a bat out of hell.

The best part is that now people will speculate if Jeff's telling the truth here, lol.

He said during the live stream Friday that they had a new senior editor. Then basically said "well, in a month anyway." No reason to think he's lying.

I think Jeff would joke only so far about this. The mention of a start date and the Requisiton Closed status on CBSi are two heavy nails in the coffin.

Jeff said "senior editor" instead of associate?