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Moving down from AWS to a colo? you've gotta worry about things like "hardware". AWS has its (small) share of issues, but I'd put everything in my colo up there if it was up to me.

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And seriously, don't preorder games. It entirely benefits the publisher and you gain literally nothing. It's not like anyone's going to "run out".

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Learn your lessons. It shouldn't take long. Stop pre-ordering. Stop buying games immediately at launch. Give it a DAY and see how it goes. Protect yourself against launch failures instead of expecting reviewers to do it for you. You can't blame the sites for running day one reviews when big game launch reviews drive HUGE amounts of traffic.

It's not hard, if you don't want to get burned, let go of that first day, first hour, first second need to play a game and have just a BIT of patience. Launch failures make themselves known VERY quickly.

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My friend, I completely agree. I've actually just cancelled my renewal as I see no reason to continue.

All the content seems stale. It lacks originality. Fine, the crew may be a original in the sense of their personalities, but even those personalities seem to have staled, or perhaps not stale, but they have almost moulded into one body. I miss Patrick and obviously Ryan (R.I.P) as they were (in their own special ways) immensely original.

The game coverage is not update to date and therefore not relevant. I now consult other gaming pages (not specifically but through a general google search). Whilst the already dubbed 'original' approach to video and articles, it is still no excuse for the laissez faire approach to everything. Patrick's articles are good, but I now find the linked articles or other people's writing technique and general literary style consulting the same story.

The website is also never impartial. It's simply too subjective now, to the point where game footage (or a live demo) can be cut short as somebody doesn't like it and wants to move on. I know that Jeff has come out countless times and stated that all reviews are meant to read by the reader in knowledge of these subjectiveness. Whilst I understand this (and to some extent excuse *google searches game review) I cannot excuse how this has transferred and rubbed-of on the approach to coverage. Much news is covered, but some things are ignored inexcusably. Whilst this is not a great example (yet still relevant) recently NaturalMotion, the makers of CSR Racing, Clumsy Ninja as well as the Euphoria engine (used in titles such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV & V) were bought my Zynga.

I must cut this short, but above are just some of the reasons that I fully support the originator's comments and belief.


Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?

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The Raid

C'mon CBS let it happen Jeff can sell that Magical Drop game and fund send them on The Raid

Wasn't it Magical Chase?

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You know, honestly, after we lost Ryan, I thought that'd be the end of Giant Bomb. It's amazing it wasn't and I have the utmost respect for the guys for keeping the site going any way they can. I'm grateful for whatever they put out.

Not saying you all have to be also, that's just the way I feel. I can't imagine how hard it must have been carrying on after that. I'd probably want to just shut it all down. It's still only been 6 months and I suspect it'll be a while longer before they all figure out where it's all going.

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New endurance run confirmed!


Let's wait and see :-)

I've been getting the sense from some quickly brushed off comments over the last few weeks (changes to the site, big changes, meetings, general craziness, etc) that there might be something coming. Maybe not, it's easy to speculate. I suspect we might hear something on UPF. It'll probably be totally anticlimactic.


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Went back and listened to a bunch of the past Game of the Year podcasts over the last week.

Hearing Ryan again hit me like a ton of bricks. Not that I had forgotten him, but it was this "Oh man!" to immediate "Oh man..." moment.

My heart still goes out to his loved ones. As much as any of us miss him, I know the pain is exponentially worse for them.

Same thing here, came across a clip on youtube that I didn't realize had him in it. Amazing how it hits you.

Still miss him every time I come here. Hope it's getting easier for all those who were close to him.

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@erhard: going by the number of shitty android consoles currently available or about to become available a whole mess of people. Those other companies won't have the stradivarius of game controllers as a draw so they're obviously bound to fail even worse.

Just because people produce this crap doesn't mean that people want/need this crap.

That's one of the main problems on this planet: People building shit nobody needs and nobody asked for to be build.

All those "Android console"makers believe they will be the next big thing right after "mobile gaming", just like all those companies releasing MMO's following the success of World of Warcraft. But they will end up just like the countless of MMO's: Nobody will buy it, nobody will know it.

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I wonder if the Ouya can be turned into a Steam-streaming machine. If so, it can be a suitable option for those interested in having a low-profile machine on their living rooms, for example.

While it's theoretically possible, i seriously doubt it..

The Ouya is using an ARM processor, those are fundamentally different in their architecture compared to x86 CPU's like the ones used in modern consoles/PC's. Performance wise it could probably work, afaik even OnLive has Android/iOS apps for streaming, but it would require Valve to rewrite SteamOS so it's compatible with the ARM architecture.

I've streamed Onlive to it - it works! Not well, but it's actually fairly responsive when the bitrate is passable. Played a couple hours of Space Marine.

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Hey, Beyond Two Souls appearance! I absolutely LOVED that thing. The story's batshit insane, but Ellen Page somehow completely sells it.