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Hey guys, i am taking a survey for my Analysing business management class and the input of the giantbomb community would really help in writing my paper based on the data and stats of the survey. It is about wirelessly charing cellphones and is less than 20 questions. This isn't some kind of spam I'm really going to use the data to write my paper, i hope I'm not breaking some forum rules by posting this here, please do tell me if i am will get rid of the post.Thank you for your time everyone! Have a great day

Questionnaire for Business Management Class

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Hey, ive been listening to these guys for years! following giant bomb from the arrow pointing down days and have finally today become a premium user YAOOOO !!!! Im from India

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@HitmanAgent47 said:
" I hope you don't mind if I posted my antec 900, that's the blue cathode stuff.
Do u know how i could control all the fan LEDs and the tube,if i installed it,with one switch???Also,how has the case been otherwise?How long back did u get it?was it a bad decision going for an outdated case?IS this case outdated??
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here are some pictures

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" Great choices. Would of went with an evga gpu instead, lifetime waranty, but overall a good build. Put blue cold cathode lights on your antec 900, it will glow like mine. Cable management is shit for this case unless you drill a hole so you can route things in. Unless you have a better solution than I do. Yeah I agree with you the old antec 900 is the better looking case. "
yep cable management was a bit of a pain,i did the best and more importantly,easiest job i could do.I was a bit skeptical about the galaxy myself, but it was all i could get my hands on quickly and it seems to be perfectly fine and running cool and quiet even under reasonably heavy load,the only flaw i see is that the cabinet is see through on one side,and the card has to be loaded upside down which only shows off its chipset and not the nice details on the top,the asus GTX570 i feel wouldve been best,in that case
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So my xps 420 is 4 years old now and i cant afford a new high end machine from a manufacturer so i decided to buy everything and just build it myself,watching jeff's pc being built was a huge inspiration :) So this is what i got:
CPU: intel i7 2600k
Mobo: Asus P8P67 Pro
Ram:Corsair XMS DDR3 1600Mhz
Power: Corsair GS800 ie 800W
Graphics: Galaxy GTX570

HDD: 1TB WD Black
I put all of this into an antec nine hundred advanced gaming cabinet (older model but better looking imo)
So this is it,wont be making too many changes for a while so it will have to do for a fairly long time now.Please rate,i will share pictures soon,Thanks.

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the exact same thing happened to me while playing,i took a little break and went to the fridge and while opening and shutting it i couldnt stop thinking of controller motions...but that sort of thing happens,after playing assassins creed 2 for 5hours straight,when i went outside ,the buildings and ledges started looking like obstacles that have been put there,to climb.