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Check out my Giant Bomb blog that I only write in when I have something to say!

Or don't it's cool =P

I'm 33, Ex-Military, and currently doing my best to get through life. I've been playin' games forever and I don't really care about appearing good at them. I just like to have fun with my games. I'm too old now for petty video game drama and trying to be the best at them.

I have a Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advance, XBOX360, PS2, PS3, PS4, PC and a WII. I like most games and have a tendency to play old games when theres nothing new I want to play. My list of games would probably explain that best. If your under the age of 18 you probably haven't heard of a lot of my older games but ya... I love to collect games.

Can see a full list of my games collection here - I currently have 737 games as of this writing (Updated: 12/16/2014)

I have over 1000 movies, but due to the ever evolving internet I no longer have a list online. Maybe someday I'll publish my list on google for people who actually care (which is nobody if I had to guess).

I wrote too much: Anyway, thanks for reading!