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Depends. For example the demo for Half Life was amazing and is nothing like the actual game. So I can, in that case, see how someone would say it's one of their favorite games.

If it's just a snippet of the full game, though, no I don't see how that counts as it's the same game with parts removed.

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I know, right? Dark Souls is an amazing game.

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That story of his still confounds me.

Great work on the strip, duder. Dan is full of odd surprises like this.

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@artofwar420: How can I not respond to this? Dude, you should bring it up with her!

OP, I have no specific cravings. I just crave something and then I eat it/do it/say it/ whatever. I sometimes have compulsion issues.

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Dan hasn't done a lot of things, so you could make a feature where he does the strange amount of things he hasn't done, and then suddenly realizes why Terminator 3 is a terrible movie.

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@themangalist: They still have the options in your preferences, but it changes nothing now (that I know of).

I've always been grey, but ya when Giantbomb started usernames were colored based on your side of the console wars.

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Are... are you transmitting from the past?

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@hailinel: I guess I used a poor word to mean basically the same thing. In it's time (late 90s, early 2000s) the most controversial topics to be discussed on a video game forum was which console you liked more (often, actually, only being raised seemingly to bait people who disagree). I read somewhere from the Gamespot moderation a long time ago something about this, but unfortunately it was so long ago I have no idea where I would find it again.

What we see as controversial topics in video game forums has changed a lot due to the aging of gamers in general, though. It's the evolution of the medium and what not.

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@c_rakestraw: I believe I read from them once that the system wars forums was created as a way to contain those conversations (as, at one point anyway, they were more incessant than even now).

Since people just had to talk about them the system wars forum always seemed like a way to contain it, and I assume, the trolls that fan those kinds of flames. It just seemed like that anyway. I don't remember everything around that, now, but it seemed to make some sort of sense at the time.

I guess, basically, it was a way to ease the moderation the forums needed by separating the more controversial topics.

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I get what you're saying OP, and yes I find it very funny.

It's funny because it's almost ironic. You got PS+ to get games on sale and this game is on sale for 80 cents less.

That's not technically ironic, which would be more so if no games were on sale anymore after you got PS+, but it's funny in the same way.

I don't know how else to describe it, but ya I get it OP.