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Says they put it out in 2009.

Weird, I never knew about this app in particular. If it was 2009 it was when they were trying different avenues to make money (before they decided on subscriptions)- or else at the time they couldn't make it free. I don't know. 2009 was when they made the Giant Bomb app too if I recall. This is probably just another hold over from that stuff, though. They were experimenting with a lot of stuff back then.

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It's not a problem. It's always had this icon, necro thread.

Never change it.

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Unity will seem daunting if you go right into it. It's not actually hard, but if you've never programmed or made a game before it will look like gibberish. The UI is not immediately apparent or user friendly to novices. I honestly would argue the same for GameMaker, but some think it's UI is more understandable so it is a place to check out if you really want to dive right in. There's tons of videos on making games in GameMaker.

I personally think you should start with the basics and learn a programming language first. Either try a simplistic one like Scratch, Quest, or any others if you want to google around. I recommend these ones in particular to beginners because they're a good way to start figuring out how to make computers do what you want with super simple interfaces. For example, I know Scratch is made for kids, but Harvard seems to think it's a good place to start because it helps you understand the thought process behind programming which is very important if you've never done it before- and what I've seen of it I tend to agree. If you find that too simple, though, you can check out various other places to learn actual languages you will want to use like C# (which I recommend if you really want to learn game development because it's one of the most used languages professionally, and one of the easiest to learn).

If you prefer guidance there are various places online that will teach you programming for free. For example Harvard posts their CS50 class online for free. Codecademy is ok, although I don't like how codecademy holds your hand and does a lot of the work for you a lot of the time, but some people seem to prefer the way they do things.

There's also various online courses that you can pay to do, but I recommend staying away from those until you feel it's something you want to do regularly, and that you enjoy.

I do recommend, though, if you've never done any programming or coding before to start very very basic. There are many places to do this, and it's easy to study basic programming for free (technically you can study advanced programming for free too, but it get's a lot more fragmented because at some point programming, like all sciences, becomes a lot of theory, testing, and trying out stuff).

The reason I recommend this first is because so much of game development is the coding and/or programming. While there are many engines that try to take this aspect away, to be completely honest you'll never finish a game the way you want without any coding or programming so I personally think it's important to look into it first. If you refuse to do it, and don't have a best friend to do it instead, you may already know that you actually don't really want to make games.

Anyway, I hope these tips help, and it's just my opinion. If nothing else you will at least know if you want to learn how to make games using any of these methods. At least I think so.

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There's no need to make a thread just because you had a random thought. It's considered spam.

Just letting you know.

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If you know enough math to understand the basics of Algebra you can learn programming.

Most programming is more learning a different language than math anyway.

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This is like saying "The TV channels I like to watch have too many good shows on- please make less. I don't have time to watch it."


Wow. I can't even understand that logic.

Giantbomb's take away from this thread should be "We're doing good things."

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Ya, I noticed this earlier too. I just kind of ignored it, but good thinking mentioning it just in case.

Win 7 x64 Chrome bleh

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@jslack: @wcarle: No problem ya'll!

I love the new feature, but figured you'd want to know about the bug. I'm sure it's a simple fix (from my minor knowledge of such things).

Thanks! You're doin a great job =)

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Ya'll might know this already, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

There's a bug with the new system where if it says 0 (as in not having any new posts since I last read that thread), but if I click on it (the "0" link) and there are actually 3 (for example) new posts- if I go back to the forum it will subtract those 3 from 0 (So, in this example it would say -3).

Hopefully that makes sense. If not I could duplicate it to make a screenshot.

Just in case you need browser info: Windows 7 x64, Chrome Version 40.0.2214.93 m

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I've used cornbredx on forums since almost the beginning of the internet as we know it today. My first username (that I recall anyway-because I don't remember my actual very first screen name as they used to be called) was FoxWolfian (which I still use in MMOs and games where I can put in a name). I came up with Fox Wolfian when RP chat rooms was a thing on AOL. It was a character I invented there, and have since been trying for years to write a novel about because I have awesome ideas for it. I won't get into the long storied history of Fox Wolfian, though. There's a lot more behind that name too.

In highschool my nickname was cornbread because I ate the school cornbread regularly (my friends didn't like it so I'd eat it). Because I'm an introvert, and don't care what people think about it, I changed it to Cornbred because at the time I really liked Korn (ya ya, gaming... religion...) and Stephen King. Children of the Corn was a thing for both of them so it starts to come together.

I've always been a big fan of Lewis Carroll because one of the big things you can take away from him is he didn't have a problem with creating words. They just have to mean something. Every word comes from somewhere. So I invented the word Cornbred (born of corn) because of these various inspirations.

I added X to the end of it because of the whole X generation thing. Funny enough- I haven't been into wrestling since I was 8 years old and found out it was fake, but everyone talks about it all the time. I had learned around that time- this idea of the different generations (GI generation, silent generation, baby boomers, generation Y/Millenials, Generation Z [this is actually a newer one that didn't exist at the time], and Generation X/MTV generation). I intentionally have Generation X out of order in that list. Technically, apparently, I'm a Millennial (it was called Generation Y when I was in school), but I've always preferred Generation X because of the ideal that Generation X doesn't want to be defined. I always liked being different, and I hate being pigeonholed. I also consider it the better of most of the generations- it seems like all the best stuff we have now began with Generation X. We lost something when Generation X degraded. (Edit: I should add that when any Generation begins and ends is not an actual fact, so due to the year I was born I could argue I am Generation X).

So, anyway. That's why my username is cornbredx. Since I've had it for sooooo long I just use it everywhere.

I've had many different avatars, but most commonly I will use a Cheshire cat drawing from American McGee's Alice. One time someone on here posted how people wouldn't post the way they do if they had to show what they look like, and everyone knew who you were. I am who I am on the internet, and in real life so I didn't see any reason I couldn't use a goofy picture of myself on here. I've started to prefer that. I have a more recent one I've been considering changing it to, eventually, as well.