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@czarpyotr: Sorry I didn't know you responded before- been doin other stuff haha

I'm on the PVE server (thunderfoot I think it's called- something like that). There was a Giantbomb guild there, but it seems basically dead at this point. The PvP server one is probably way more active if I had to guess. You can find the info on the forum here; I think the post was stickied (it's Dave Snider's guild).

I also PM'd you the guest pass.

Have fun!

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@mb said:

Imagine if you were visiting the site where your grandparents were both killed and cremated, for the first time in your life. You took a vacation and spent thousands of dollars in order to make the trip happen - it's maybe the only time in your life that you'll be able to visit this place. You are sharing a quiet moment with your family, remembering, considering what your grandparents went through, and just trying to take in the enormity of millions of murders. Maybe some people are crying. It's dead silent other than a few quiet sobs, guys clearing their throat because they're trying not to cry.

Then, some kid runs up next to you, busts out her phone, and smiles for a selfie. *SNAP* laughs and runs away.


Basically, it's a sacred place where terrible things happened and not a place to take smiling pictures and shout "YOLO!" like a douchebag.

There aren't many sacred places in the world, especially for Americans, but this is one I think anyone with a brain can get behind.

The pictures are tasteless and offensive, yes.

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I'm not interested in convincing you, but if you want a guest pass let me know. I still have unused ones and I'm pretty sure they still work.

I think the game is fun, and I play casually. I am not on end game, though. I have played since before early start, as well- just to give a time line (I actually haven't been able to play recently due to a project I've been working on, but I still play when I can).

I'll probably play at least until 50, and go from there. I have a bunch of games I need to get to, though, so I may get to those. Not because the game is bad, but because I want to get through my back log.

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I play them until I get bored.

These days it seems to happen more often as there is so much filler content in games (RPGs especially) now it's getting quite annoying. In order to pad out the length they give you pointless quests that are boring to do over and over in the same areas.

Skyrim was ok because every quest felt somewhat unique, Dark Souls is the best RPG to come out this [last?] gen for multiple reasons including it's incredible combat system, so not all RPGs do this or anything, but it does feel like it's becoming more of a slog to play RPGs anymore.

So, that's why I play them until I get bored. Most of the time I can still get $50 or $60 worth out of it (if time can even imply a games true value anyway) so I guess that's enough although I think most RPGs could do better.

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I feel the loss of Hidetaka Miyazaki is felt throughout the game. I know he did consulting on it, but that's a much different role then spearheading it and you can tell in the game that he wasn't that involved with it.

They improved a lot of things in the game, while doing other things worse. Some things in the game are a step backwards, in my opinion. The world feels more disjointed, less mysterious, and more filled with unnecessary things.

They did make very good improvements to the core gameplay, and I really like how they put together the PVP system which feels basically the same only reversed so that you can coop without worry of being ganked for doing it, and also have trespasser areas where you get sucked into a protectors world. How you slowly zombify everytime you die. That stuff is pretty neat how they did it.

At the same time by reversing the hollow system so you don't get invaded as much when you're human (so you coop more without fear of being ganked) they also made it feel less risky with that particular system. I suppose it's up to the individual if they like that or not, but I enjoyed the Dark Souls way of doing it more. In the end it's only a small complaint.

They also made the combat seem a little more harsh. I don't know that I like it quite as much. Stuff seems to hit harder to imply more difficulty, but I never felt Dark Souls needed it. I don't know.

I still like it. I have said since the game came out on PC (so I have been able to play it) that it's a 90% Dark Souls game. 90% Dark Souls is still better than most games. The game is still pretty great- even with the things that aren't as interesting- it's still a fun game.

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No, I look at companies as a whole. Their console branches are (both sides) only part of a larger whole.

Sony makes other things than video games and while they may dominate this console generation (at least for now) their company as a whole is struggling. The stock prices you quoted are representative of that.

I suppose a younger reader, or someone that prefers to stay ignorant of what all a company that makes consoles does other than making consoles, may look at it differently, though.

If the console companies listed were solely focused on consoles it may be a different story. That isn't realistically feasible for a lot of reasons, though.

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I bet he only does popular FMV games. Like I can name two that are great that most people have never even heard of.


Commander Blood

@rockyraccoon37 : No I can't endorse Polygon. They moderate constructive feedback when it suits them. I understand if you disagree and are ok with people who are constructively telling them their articles aren't up to par should be deleted and given warnings, but I don't agree with censoring constructive criticism.

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I really like the McElroys, and love FMV games, but I cannot endorse anything Polygon does.

I'm at a difficult crossroads with this one.


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I got a seven. Yay me.

That test was kind of hard- focusing on colors that long was surprisingly difficult to do and was hurting my eyes.

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The first game is pretty great at connecting JRPG characters with Disney worlds in a way that is meaningful to the worlds they chose to use that is nostalgic of their original films and the spirit of those films. It worked well.

The second game is when it started to go off the rails. For one it starts off with a story line that was started by a DS game (I believe, maybe a GBA game- I forget now) so if you didn't play the peripheral games that game starts off immediately confusing. After the strange (several hours long) intro sequence you're then re-introduced to the characters from the first game and it kind of continues on like the beginning was unnecessary and more of a short story than to important to the overall plot (it does have some importance, but not enough that someone who didn't play any of the other games that weren't on PS2 would care if they cut it out of the game entirely).

The second one is also, if I recall, when Mickey started dressing like that. He was dressed oddly in the first, because of the story they set up I guess, but it got worse in the second game because of the plot with the nothing people (I forget what they were called).

The second game had some interesting ideas, but altogether the second game was becoming more anime than Disney and no longer held the nostalgic Disney spirit that the first game had. It also had a lot more strange QTEs.

So, the first game- for me- does work the way it's initially pitched. I still liked the second one, but not for the same reasons and the whole Disney aspect felt incredibly sidelined in that one. I'll be disappointed when they release the next big one (on PS4 or whatever it will be on) in the series if they do that again.