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We already have a thread about this. It's not under general discussion it's under the Titan wiki page.

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It's probably for the best, though, since no other MMO will ever be as big as WoW.

They're better off just making that until the end of time.

Innovation is over rated.

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If they do hopefully they let us know (not on Twitter because I barely use that) because I'd follow them

That being said, the site tends to be enough so I don't see this as a necessity.

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Wo... That's awesome.

I love new things!

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I'm sorry for your loss, @jeff. My Dad died this year too.

I didn't have the relationship I wanted to have with my Dad, but It's still the worst.

I know it will make life seem even more complicated now- things start to feel like your in a nose dive and you don't know where all this is going.

Don't give up. You're a positive influence in so many peoples lives. Don't let the dark shit take over. Just keep being the good person you are.

I wish you the best- I suspect you're going through a lot of emotions right now and you don't know how to handle it. Hang in there buddy.

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Sorry I didn't see this posted yet, but Tropico 3 is free on the Humble Store today only.

Thought other people would want to know.

It's always fun checking out games that are free even if you never had much interest in them- at least to me. I never really considered playing it before, but since it's free I'll check it out. It seems like it's pretty cool for what it is (from what I could tell by the quick look it's a Sim City type game only you're a Dictator or something like that).

Anyway, I just thought I'd let people know. Sorry if it's been posted already although I looked and I didn't see it anywhere.

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Ya, MGS 2 is my second favorite next to MGS 3.

The reason it's number 2 is it was amazing at the time for things that hadn't been done before then, but aren't really that amazing now.

It's funny, I remember people being pissed about this game. There's an interesting amount of reverence for it now.

Edit: Maybe that's just because the negative assholes aren't out for blood on it anymore- I don't know. Once the clamor dies down the positive stuff is more noticeable I suppose.

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I didn't catch them talking about it- so it must not have been very much.

It doesn't bother me what they talk about, though. They have similar interests and things they like to talk about that I do. Sometimes death happens. Ignoring it is to ignore reality. You don't need to be bummed out by discussion of death, it is the natural end to all of our lives.

You don't want to live forever. Apparently that would be awful for your brain, or so I've heard somewhere.

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@sinusoidal: You know, just because someone responds to your attempts to claim opinions as facts with their own counterpoint doesn't mean they are trying to insult you.

I feel this is the biggest reason people get angry on forums these days- because they have to have the last word and be "right" even though you don't have to "win" a conversation.

I don't know. I've just been reading this conversation throughout the evening and that's what I've seen of it.

There's no reason to be angry, though. It's just a conversation. We're all friends here. =)

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@hailinel said:

@sinusoidal said:

@grantheaslip @hailinel It is realistic by comparison though. It certainly portrays real life better than the vast majority of video games. Ethan is a grieving father, Detective guy is an asthmatic fat slob, Jayden is a drug-addicted federal agent, Madison is, uhh, something... None of them are ruthless mass murdering machines capable of not dying after repeatedly being shot. None of them are fearless space marines or bounty hunters. None of them can single-handedly take down a monster the size of a sky-scraper. I'm hard pressed to think of a more realistic representation of actual humans in video games. At quick glance, short of L.A. Noire, the stack of 107 PS3 games on my desk seems to agree with me.

Wasn't there that one gunfight Shelby gets into where he can actually get shot repeatedly if you mess up the button prompts, or am I remembering that wrong?

Anyway, even if Heavy Rain is realistic by comparison, it lacks the verisimilitude needed to come across as believable. It ultimately doesn't matter that none of the characters are video game action heroes because the world they inhabit and the actions they take repeatedly shatter that illusion. It's difficult to see the game as striving for realism when it consistently fails at depicting natural human interaction. The realism of the characters and their backgrounds doesn't matter if the larger characterization and actual storytelling aren't there to back it up.

well said. I was going to reply to this "realism" argument, but you did it better so I will just QFT