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Your thoughts are scattershot and I'm on my lunch break so i'm not reading all of it, but basically Giant Bomb actually does a little better than Kinda Funny does (i'do imagine it's just because they've been around longer), but they spend their money differently and their audience is different which helps them determine what they spend money on.

Giant Bomb recently upgraded their studio equipment and it should not be underestimated how expensive that is.

Its just different audiences and therefore different goals and stuff. Plus GB works under CBSi so it takes time to get the ball rolling on stuff. KF just gets to do what they want immediately. It's a down side to being owned by a corporation, but a plus is Giant Bomb can do videos where they sing entire songs and not have to worry about liability or having the video pulled down. Just some examples.

Anyway, different places... different priorities. Both seem to be doing fine. You'd probably be surprised how much Giant Bomb makes a year (I don't know the number anymore but I do know they have well over 30,000 subscribers so you just have to do the math on that). =)

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Lots of fetch quests or other inane sub quests used to pad out the length of game with rewards that you want so that you pretty much have to do it even though you don't necessarily want to.

Ubisoft has been the worst for this over the last 10 years, but WB games do it too lately (although with WB games there is no incentive generally so I don't why I do it). I think it's the worst thing in video games for me. I would rather a game be 8 hours long and consistently fun rather than 62 hours full of boring filler missions no would do if not for the reward being something awesome. If that makes sense.

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@cornfed40: Ya, but it's off screen and you don't know that's what he does. It's so vaguely implied you don't even consider that unless you watch the movie again.

At least that's how it was for me.

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Ethics do not come into buying used games. There is no moral quandry here. Its the person who bought it's right to sell it or do whatever they want with it and it's your right to choose whether or not to buy it from them if they want to sell it to you.

The only reason you would question this is because publishers these days make you think it is not your right to sell what you own, or for that matter that you don't even own your games. Well, they can say that, but they're wrong. Anything you buy you own. Data is a bit tricky, sure, as you don't have the right to mess with it, copy it, and then sell it in mass quantities or anything crazy like that. But the physical sole product that you paid for is certainly yours to do with as you want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying and selling things you paid for and therefore own.

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From a hypothetical perspective of someone who has seen only the first movie, one could have assumed that Robert Patrick's character was another resistance member sent to protect John Connor, with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role of another terminator.

At the time this was a significant plot twist. It was intentional that you think the T800 is still the bad guy and the T1000 is the soldier coming back to save John. It was playing on expectations (because, even then, people often expected the same things from their sequels). But the whole time something is a little off- until the reveal. It's now a classic moment and a great scene in the movie. There may be a trailer that spoils it (because PR and marketing always sucks at not spoiling movies), but if you were someone like me who barely (if ever) watches trailers because you know better then it doesn't matter.

That's really weird. I had never considered the concept that anyone would even not know that this was how the film was intended to be perceived. huh, interesting

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The Stand was pretty good.

That one with Ben Savage when he was a little kid where he was the leader of some cult or something (I forget the name of it or what it's really all about) was super weird, but I forget the name of it.

There was a ton of classic literature made into miniseries in the late 90s, early 2000s, that I love, and have watched several times. The 10th Kingdom, Animal Farm, Jack and the Beanstalk The Real Story, Arabian Knights, The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, Merlin, Dinotopia, Gullivers Travels (1996), Jason and the Argonauts, and Alice in Wonderland (1999). I think that's all of them.

IT was a miniseries as well, but it doesn't hold up. To be fair I don't know that there are many people who would be into any of the ones I mentioned as much as I am, but at the time film was mostly ignoring fantasy because it was said fantasy films never made their money back so fantasy was mostly relegated to TV at that point and the best stuff for that was being done on TV.

I don't know if it counts, but as TV movies/miniseries go all 6 of The Incredible Hulk TV movies are still the best stuff ever done with The Hulk and genuinely great stories. At least in my opinion. They're all basically movies made for TV (which is slightly different than mini series mainly because of length), though, so they're just honorable mentions.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention The Lost Room. That one is also one of my favorites. It slipped my mind. Whoops.

Edit again: Man I keep forgetting all kinds of Stuff. Rose Red is great, Band of Brothers, Spawn (the HBO series- that must count as a mini series if Band of Brothers does)... I have a bad memory, but I have a fondness for mini series and TV movies like nobodies business. There are actually a bunch of Stephen King ones, for example, but I don't want to go through remembering all of the ones I would recommend. Actually there may only be one other (Salem's Lot 1979), but I wouldn't recommend that one because it's slow and hard to watch (although it's awesome to see a super young Fred Willard in it). Although it is very popular so who knows. Maybe you would like it more than I do (it's 85% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes- I personally don't agree with that but to each their own).

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Nobody ever donates when I do this so I'm not sure what it really matters, but I'll be doing this again this year.

I'll edit my post when I have more details (where my stream will be for example). Just need to post this now so I remember.

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They're all terrible movies, necro thread, but I enjoy the first 2 as just fun bad movies.

On top of being bad movies they're terrible movies about Resident Evil. If you can ignore the connection to the game (which is tenuous- but even the games are tenuously connected at this point) they're just fun bad movies. Some more watchable than others (most are almost unwatchable unless you're making fun of them).

I still like the first one the best. That movie is both hilariously bad and awesome.