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Another one bites the dust :'(

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They usually have pictures if you cant decide or you can ask their opinion if you're feeling really brave.

I don't go to the barber- haven't since 2002 or so. I just cut all my hair off when it gets too long. I like it short anyway- it's pointless to spend $20 just to style it when all really want is for it to be short.

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Not being as good as the other 2 doesn't make it a bad game.

It's all relative. It's still better than most games out there and worth playing.

Like Feathered says- it's one of the best games from last year.

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I agree. This season of House of Cards is fantastic. It feels like the show is picking up steam again. Season 2 felt strange and disconnected from season 1 so it's good the show feels like it's fresh again.

The amount of video game references this season is staggering.

Has there ever been a video game series that you were [too] intimidated to try to play?


Originally I would say the Souls series falls into this category for me. But me being who I am I eventually played them and they're great games.

I usually try to play most games- especially important/innovative ones- just to know. So I have my own real opinions about them.

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@onemanarmyy: I understand. I just mean that's why this is even happening haha. It seems like no one but me even likes Gex these days.

The OP is clearly PRing or something because they made their account to even post this thread, but it was made with the intent to get you to click on it to "explain if it's even serious". Sounds like it's trying to go viral. It'll probably work if what the link goes to is even remotely interesting to people (no I am not clicking on it).

@corevi: I admit the controls in most Gex games wasn't great (often infuriating actually), but I still love Gex. Gex: Enter the Gecko is the best Gex game imo.

That being said I'd never ask for another Gex game, nor did I really "want" one. They'd really have to do something amazing with the property to even get me to care about it.

But again SQEnix is being weird so this is happening. It would be interesting to see if someone comes up with a good idea for these games (Gex, Fear Effect, and the others- I forget), but I do doubt it. You never know, though. Some people come up with funny ideas for games these days. Gex could fit into something absurdist.

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It's because SQEnix is doing a thing where they'll license out these old IPs to developers who pitch them ideas for new games. The only thing is- they won't fund it. It has to be crowd funded.

The Giant Bomb guys talked about it on the bombcast.

I assume it has something to do with that anyway. SQEnix is weird.

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It doesn't actually matter. They are mostly all independent to each other so when people tell you one it's up to which one's they like.

I liked 7, 9, and X myself. 8 was ok, too, but I remember the magic stuff being tedious in that one.

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They're still making PC games so this doesn't affect me much.

On top of that Sega proper hasn't made a game I care at all about for almost two decades.

I wonder if this will affect their publishing branch (which I assume covers things like ATLAS). It would be strange if it did, though, right? I think ATLAS has been doing alright. At least... the rate at which they've put out games before suggested that anyway. And that RTS developer I forget the name of. I think they were doing alright for them, but that's PC anyway.

It's hard to tell, because this is Giant Bomb, but I want to believe Persona 5 will be a big deal. I mean... it's one of a handful of games that are the reason I'll have to get a PS4 at some point. I mean it should be a big deal. Persona 4 was better than any Final Fantasy game has been in over a decade.

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Since: the time after another period of time.

Sense: a faculty in which your body perceives outside stimulus or a feeling about something.

Anyway, PS4 still seems the most interesting to me. It has had the most interesting games since launch, and has games coming up I find most interesting (that I can't get on PC- console exclusives I guess I should say).

Neither really seem like good consoles, but there's certain console exclusives coming to PS4 that make it so I'll purchase one eventually. Otherwise I wouldn't buy either of them.

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You're welcome.