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Never say never. The Longest Journey Dreamfall is getting a sequel so you never know.

That would've been my pick if not for the fact that it's currently in development.

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Technically no, but you can consider this video below this weeks UPF

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Oh shit! D-Leazy breaking it down for everybody.

Does GFB mean: Get fuckin' bopped? hahaha

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@probablytuna said:

BREAKING NEWS: It's a girl! Congratulations Vinny!

Congrats Vinny!

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I think Jeff should do a video thing where he plays through Too Human.

I mean... he said he wants to go back to it. Why not? Let's make him regret feeling that.

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@edgework: Well, I guess I have to use that app now...

Not super into that, but whatever. It's a solution I suppose.

(Edit: oh... ha... you)

@billymagnum It's supposed to be an explosion, but ya... it kind of just looks like a splotch for some reason haha

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Rories cool, but Rorie does what he wants to.

You're permanent.

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@walkertr77: I started my knife collection in the army. Originally it was for utility (you should always have a pocket knife on you, that's something me and Stone Cold apparently agree on) and defense. Then I started getting knives you can't just buy at any store. Then I got a bunch of knives from my dad before he passed away (and after he passed away)- so now I have "artsy" knives. I don't mind artsy knives, they are nice to collect like paintings if you have a place to put them for showing off, but they are impractical. Most of them wouldn't be something I'd prefer to use for defense or utility. My favorite knife is much more low key.

I do wish I had a camera to take a picture of my knives (I'm actually pretty proud of a lot of them), but these days it's mostly just stuff I collected a long time ago over the years. That and again it is good to carry a pocket knife, but I can't carry most of my collection on the street as they are to long to be legal to conceal or even have on my person just walking about. Knife laws are weird, although I live in TX so I don't know for sure, but it's probably less stringent unless you actually got in trouble for something else. It'd be like... an addon to the trouble you're already in.

@triviaman09: your comment makes me wonder what America you live in haha

Most of the people I know (all around American-East to West, North to South) carry a knife. Several people I know collect knives for fun. It seemed to be a common hobby as I was going through the Army, even.

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So you like dramas...

I'm going to name some of my favorites (including my all time favorite).

Trainspotting is my all time favorite film. Yes, I consider it the best movie ever made.


The Fisher King

DJango Unchained

American Psycho

This isn't necessarily my top five (if it was it'd have Cronenberg films on it); it's just five movies I think anyone should see.

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The animated .gif on that page is the best part.

Subtle animated gifs are the best gifs.