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I don't know anything about the context, but the premise sounds really stupid (and I don't like the picture either, for me it completely doesn't understand the joker already, but I'm sure better people than me will get into that).

To me it feels like while Marvel has been on a streak (mostly, not entirely) DC movies have been going down hill. I love Christopher Nolan, for example, but DKR was awful (even if there are things to like about it), Man of Steel was ehh, and I'm not super into the Batman vs Superman movie (I won't predict that it will be bad- I think it will be bad, but I hope it's good).

I'll take a wait and see approach as always and hope for the best. Even if I'm not into it the fans deserve a good movie, right?

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This is an important issue, and I respect you are having comments on the video instead of just posting it as youtube spam, but (off-topic forum or not) I don't think a video game forum is the place to discuss this issue.

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@fredchuckdave: Manus is easy. I never had a problem with Manus- as far as I can tell he's only hard if you are specced for using magic.

I did forget Kalameet, though. Kalameet is actually harder than Artorias for sure.

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All the complaints I see here are just coming off as whining and entitlement.

People deserve to be paid for their work, period.

The real problem is that money makes things complicated. I'm all for paying people for their hard work, though. And I think putting out a free one and advertising the paid one is fine. People shouldn't be harassing this modder for doing it. I can tell he or she is trying to do it fairly. Whether or not this was for free before doesn't even matter- especially because it couldn't have been paid for before.

An even bigger issue is how much of a cut goes to the modder. I think that's the real problem.

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This has been discussed before, but the hardest boss in Dark Souls is Artorias. The easiest is Pinwheel.

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Ya, I mentioned it in my comment to that video:

"The internet does know what beasthood does. You can find the info here, but basically it increases damage and has a whole rigmarole to keeping it going. You never actually become a "beast" per say but there is an arcane item that is pretty cool when it comes to beasthood."

Brad was surprisingly bold in his claims on that video. Usually the things people say that are wrong are minute and I ignore it because it doesn't matter, but he said a lot of stuff that was wrong in that video. I know he could have recorded that a few days ago or yesterday or today or something, but this info was found out at least a couple weeks ago. =P

Ok, to be fair this probably doesn't matter either, but ya. No offense meant to Brad, he's awesome, but wrong on several things in this case haha

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@theht: Oh, was it? I wasn't sure. I just know it was an experiment. If that's the case they have technically never done any games that weren't licensed (as even the poker games used licensed characters, technically).

@demoskinos: Sam and Max started as a comic created by Steve Purcell when he was a teenager or something like that. Interestingly the license was bought by TellTale when the sequel to "Sam and Max Hit The Road" (with Lucasarts) fell through. =)

Edit: Sorry, I know a lot (maybe too much) about Sam and Max and also, somewhat, Telltale haha. I have a history with them so I just happen to know too much =P

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@demoskinos: Uh... you realize that Sam and Max is a licensed game too, right? As I said earlier, they've never made a game that wasn't licensed (except the poker games, and maybe Puzzle Agent).

Sure they're getting bigger licenses now, but the only thing that has actually changed is the way they build Adventure games. Their business has been this from the beginning. Since the Walking Dead they've had more money and clout to reel in bigger licenses. Nothing has really changed- licenses have always been their focus haha

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@demoskinos: Never forgotten. Sam and Max is awesome. Including the cartoon show that somehow only got one season despite (even today) being hilarious.

But ya, I do miss Telltale making Sam and Max games- it was actually the reason I even learned about Telltale a long time ago (but that's a long other story).

To be fair, though, they did make three "seasons" and at some point you have to move on to something else. Three (for all intents and purposes) games is generally pretty successful for a series of games (and Sam and Max technically had four if you count the one they made at Lucasarts), and up to this point Telltale hasn't made any series of games that has gone on that long (I know they are making another season of The Walking Dead, but that isn't out yet =P ).

I guess all I mean to say is- I don't think Telltale has forgotten Sam and Max.

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@conmulligan: Fair enough, but keep in mind just because some people that used to work at Lucasarts started Telltale doesn't mean that Telltale is Lucasarts, you know what I mean? It's not all the same people, and teams and what not. Their business is different on top of that. They really are different companies entirely just with pedigree. It doesn't make them the same, if you know what I mean, so don't get your hopes up for them to have some kind of Lucasarts renaissance or whatever (as awesome as that would be).

Working with Marvel is a good move on their part, but we'll see what that amounts to. Bacongames above makes a similar point already, though.