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@sparky_buzzsaw: Well, from a story stand point he's one of the few characters that survived their story so really it makes even less sense. Unless Mickey Rourke is playing someone else this time around.

I don't know. That is a thing that struck me, but this is one of those movies I won't watch a trailer for- I'm just gonna go see it and let the chips fall where they may. I look forward to how the movie plays out. It's sure to be interesting.

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Fun Fact: When they started ICP meant Inner City Posse. (Edit: I forgot to mention I have that CD still ripped to my computer)

I am fine with them doing their thing. I liked their music (especially when it was used to tell crazy stories) for a little while there and I think what they do is fine.

People give them shit because of the face paint or something. I don't know. It's pointless to shit on things other people like.

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I think the forums ate my post. Trying again:

I can't name a favorite- there's so many good ones (most of which have been named here)- so I'll just leave this video here:

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Sin City was never forgotten. I have multiple copies of that movie (cus I have it on DVD and Blu Ray)- so good. Even Michael Madsen's dry, almost uninterested, delivery cannot kill what that film has going for it.

I'm looking forward to that, Expendables 3, and I'm actually going to see guardians of the Galaxy this Thursday.

I'm going to see Rifftrax riff Godzilla (1998) August 14th as well. Anyone interested in that with a theater live casting it should also keep that in mind (their live shows are some of their best stuff). Their rebroadcasting it on... August 19th. So two chances to see that (because I don't think they'll ever get the rights to release it on their site).

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Rock Band 2 or whatever it was. When you could get Slipknot and other good bands off their download service.

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Not really. The game is pretty boring now that they've dumbed it down. Next time I play will probably be to check out the next expansion, but like I always do I'll end up stopping again after I hit level cap.

There's just much more interesting games to play beyond WoW these days. Wildstar for example.

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My review for last of us remastered: "It's still the same game."

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This is 100% the reason- no speculation: Because developers believe it's more immersive. It's very much a design choice.

Mystery solved.

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Tec 9s are terrible guns, nerco thread. Say no to terrible guns.

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@bisonhero: first editions tend to go for a lot more than normal- especially when that print was short (for example the first editions of the first Harry Potter book were only released to libraries which is actually common to do for an unknown author starting out- there was only like 200 prints of that edition of the book and in turn it's considered very valuable).

If you collect books, for example, you generally look for first editions as they are the most rare. There are several other reasons too, but you get the idea. $250 for a first edition is actually fairly cheap, but I don't know much about George RR Martin's life span of work or the prints of the Song of Ice and Fire so I don't know. It's possible it had a large print cycle even on the first edition.