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In an E3 Gamespot interview he said it was more about exploring the universe rather than sticking on one planet. So I doubt you would be building much aside from upgrading your ship. But who knows what other mechanics there will be.

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Thanks for clearing that up, the grayed out ones are all levels then? It felt like a cool bug anyway. A bit like that big bug bug when I thought it wasn't moving.

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I got up to Drangleic Castle and when I got to the bonfire behind an illusionary wall, lit it, and brought up the bonfire select screen it had more than before. So far I had uncovered 22 (main picture) locations but in all I now had 27 but 5 of those were grayed out. Also on the main Drangleic Caslte picture I had 4 bonfires pictures in all with 2 grayed out. But I only had lit 2 bonfires in the castle.

Has this happened to you? It seemed a bit odd so would be interesting to find out.

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@sgtsphynx:Well done but damn, thought they would of given you a little something. The endings were satisfying though. Decoding that book was also quite fun.

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From the bulk of Humble Bundle games I have finished this one now, even though I started it ages ago. Was very in the mood for a point and click. Had to look up a few of the puzzles but it flowed well and has a good story. So just a reminder if you have this in your back log or have forgot about this one.

Also has anyone completed it with all the achievements and do you get a different ending?

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I'll be going for Brothers as well. Great price for Ni no Kuni if you haven't already got it. Happy Christmas!

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I was watching this Zoo Tycoon video and it is a more family friendly game and I wondered why games don't have extra bits as DLC that would bump up the age rating. You could still market and sell it to a wider audience to keep all involved happy then tweak it by changing a few things. For instance in this videos the buggies you drive around in could allow you to drive over people rather than being stopped. Or chuck a few kids in the rhino section.

I guess it would depend how expensive it would be to put these things in and it wouldn't really suit some games. But basically sell a game to more people to start of with at a lower age rating and then have simple things like blood and swearing as free DLC. More interesting random -even badly implemented due to time/money constraints- things akin to silly cheats out of the context of the game would be great. So publishers would not have to worry as much about their sales.

Does this sound like a good idea or something that could happen?

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NBA street V3 - Homecourt just felt a bit flat.

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Is anyone else having trouble logging into the site? It accidentally charged me twice for Gunpoint yesterday and I can log in but it won't let me claim/add it to my games list with them.