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It's true, he really does make that introduction. I was at EVO a couple months ago and at the start of the KI panel he gave that exact greeting. Then I spent like 10 minutes wondering if he like MLP, then I spent another 10 minutes debating whether Porkchop Applesauce could actually be a pony name.

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@face15 Love the new ones. If I had to pick winners this is what I would settle on...

We think alike, I think these are the perfect picks.

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The laughing scene gets way too much flak. It makes sense in the context of the story. It's supposed to sound fake, that's the whole point of the scene. Tidus is depressed and is forcing his laughter to appease Yuna. By the end of the scene they are both having a legitimate laugh and it sounds fine, not great, but passable.

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Yeah this is a real bummer for me personally. To be brutally honest it's Vinny that really makes the site for me. It's his interactions with the whole SF crew that make this site special in my eyes, and that's going to be lost in NY. Sure he'll be with Alex but that won't mean much. He'll either be off the bombcast or on some kind of skype setup that won't be able to recapture the magic, and he won't be in any quick looks except for ones with Alex. I like Alex but I just don't see how the chemistry is going to work there.

Of course I'll still visit the site and listen to bomcasts, but I just don't see it ever being as good as it has been these last 7 years.

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Got one for the low price of 14.94, I was worried shipping might be high but it was less than 5 bucks.

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I just picked this up a couple of days ago.

Also the app on WP7 is actually awesome for me and the 3 other people with Windows Phones.

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This made my day, week, month, and possibly year.

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I don't know if you read the chat, but you should check out BasketBelle. It's out on the developers website and currently on greenlight. I really hope it makes the cut but it seems to be getting ignored for the most part.

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Female Dalish Elf Rouge. By far my favorite way to go. I feel like you get a lot out of being an elf, and being a female.