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The Dawn of War intro never fails to give me a massive erection.

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@MattyFTM: I just thought it was quite a tease when you complete the game on legendary you get to see him floating towards this planet. Why even show that if they weren't planning to do anything else with his main story? They should have just left it with that last line he says to Cortana instead if they had no other plans themselves.
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I'm not sure if this is really the right place to post this but I figure more people are on this forum than Halo 3's. Anyway, I'm excited about Reach and it looks to be a really good game but it seems pretty lazy on Bungie's part to just leave the Master Chief's story hanging. I've heard Reach is their last Halo game and I was wondering if anyone has any idea if his story is going to come to a conclusion? They were going to make some cinematic game called Halo: Chronicles but that seems to have been canceled.

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Yeah I know what you mean. As soon as I gave Tali a bit of a romancing all the other women (except Samara) went totally ape shit. Especially Jack. Shes such a filthy slag. She kept telling me to f**k off and the worst I could say back to her was "I'm not ready to end what I've got with Tali". I really wanted to just be able to give her a back hand slap or something. She has it coming the entire game. As you say I hope for better relationships in Mass Effect 3 were you can just be friends.

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Yeah now that I've had more time to mull it over I really don't want them to do it. It would probably be some bellend like Uwe Boll who would just shit out a script and completely ruin another video game franchise. Probably make the main character a Volus who's really constipated and spends the whole film trying to take off his suit but then it just ends with him crapping his pants just before Shepard can do it for him... wait... I'd watch that.

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 I've heard rumours about there being a Mass Effect film in the works. I'm personally fairly sceptical about it as I feel that the game is so great because it's very personal to who you are and the story is shaped around you. I'm not sure I'd enjoy watching Shepard gallivanting around the galaxy doing whatever he wants. His ass is mine. If I want him to punch an Asari news reporter in the face before she says a word then he'd better damn well do it. I'd always be expecting RT or LT to flash half way through an important scene in the film.
Needless to say I hope that if it does happen they do it justice. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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Mordin giving sex advice about lube and various positions.

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@Psych0Penguin: Oh right. Well I take that back then. Maybe I can finally get him loyal now thanks. Should still have given him better conversation options or made him a closet gay though.
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Zaeed could have been such a good character. They just sullied him by making his speech pointless, his loyalty almost impossible to earn (if you're playing paragon) and he just doesn't feel like a complete character. They should have made it interesting by making him a romance option... but only for a male Shepard. That would be a good twist on the typical bounty hunter. Have him fall into Shepard's arms crying about all the wasted years he was lying to himself. I'd enjoy it.

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Manilla Road. Can't beat listening to some of that epic old school metal. The singer sounds like Vincent Price or something. Enough said.

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