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hey. anyone got insiders info on the Yakuza 5 digital release date?

for i leave the Uk again for work in 1 month and i am not taking a console with me! i hope they release it prior to me leaving

i am sad to say that over the past 6 months i have certainly lost enthusiasm for gaming, maybe i have finally grown up (? ha), but Yakuza 5, i just gots to play that! i happened to be in Sapporo duruing the games Japanese release, adding to the thrill

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What a game

playing it for the first time!

Oh yeah

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i can dig it

interesting list

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Earthbound! What a game

Fist of the North Star Kens Rage. Genius!

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a wiiu exclusive?? real nice

@gokaired said:

The World Ends With You 2 (we have 2 screens now)

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cosimocub! hi

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Metroid WiiU

localise the latest Fatal Frame!

Super Mario Galaxy 3. Really hope they are working on this!

Pokemon WiiU. I have never played a Pokemon game before, being 31, it was a bit before my time. Having said this, i'm pretty sure it would sell like hot cakes?

A Suda game but not No More Heroes, that is like soooooo Wii

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@mwng said:

I read the thread title and got all excited. I leave disappointed...

haha. sorry

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will this ever happen?