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I pre-ordered on Steam. Would do again. 10/10.

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Punch your screen in rage?

If someone is willing to pay it, then the seller is just providing a service. Buyers and sellers have to agree for a transaction to take place. Don't know what it has to do with you or your screen.

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Ryan Davis said on the podcast, all the time, how they've never missed a Tuesday and they never would on his watch.

I'd understand if they took the week off, or a month off, or a year... but part of me thinks Ryan wouldn't be happy about it.

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Ryan was the best friend I'd never met.

Please let us know what we can do to help.

Deepest condolences to the Giant Bomb family and Anna.


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@hangnail said:

@xer0ph0kus: Just because we lost the war in the PC-front a while back doesn't mean we should just surrender trying to hold onto our console [used game] rights as well. Leave any false sense of corporate-favoritism behind and get to grips with the state of the matter.

I like how you are saying rights, like it's some sort of UN sanctioned enforceable thing that used games are something you are entitled to. Don't like it? Don't buy the system and games, but where else are you going to go? I guarantee you this wasn't Microsoft choice and it was more the publishers pressuring them to do something about used games. That means Sony the lesser successful console was also under the knife too from publishers to do it. They just haven't told you yet.

And Steam's never been more popular than it is right now. No used games on Steam has resulted in lower overall prices for people buying new. I don't think anything at all was lost on PC. We gained a bigger market, better saves and game management, and lower prices. We lost maybe some people that would have pirated if they weren't given the better option that is Steam?

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The only game that mattered.
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@TPoppaPuff said:

@Corvak said:

8-10 years ago, the general consensus (on the internet) was that a platform for digital purchases and downloads was a crazy idea that'd never succeed. Now Steam has millions of users and has the biggest market share of any PC gaming retailer.

Nobody said that 8-10 years ago. 16-20 years ago, sure, but nobody except a minority of psychopaths in 2003-2005 said that digital retail platform would never succeed. If that's what you heard in general on the internet, you were socializing in a very disturbing place.

Steam launched in 2003 and there was mass hysteria with people saying they'd never use it and would never give up their physical disks. That was 10 years ago. Then, in 2005-06 and the release of the current gen consoles the PC was pronounced dead forever.

So yeah, 8-10 years ago is absolutely correct.

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The more negativity I hear from the GB crew and the more the enthusiast press and "core" crap all over the Wii U the more certain I am it's going to be a huge mass market hit.

History. It's repeating itself.

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@The_Nubster said:

@Klei said:

This fat jerk is the guy who gave AC2 4 out of 10? Jesus. I know I shouldn't judge, but goddammit.

Edit : This fat jerk is right.

AC2 was popular, so he hated it.

Wii U is unpopular, so he loves it.

And both ways, he's still a jerk!

Wii U is so unpopular that it's sold out for preorder everywhere. No wonder it's so unpopular! No one can preorder a unit!

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@wompa421 said:

D: damn 93-95% piracy that's insane to the point where i think it's hard to believe maybe it was a typo and they meant 93-95% aren't pirated.

Nah these kind of estimates have no shame, there are lobby organizations with way worse estimates.

Some of them even claim that damage trough piracy goes into triple digit billions of €. As long as nobody bothers to ask for sources/proof they gonna keep inflating these numbers to make up a point that doesn't exist.

They believe that they deserve +1000% more sales, that it ain't happening is solely the fault of dirty pirates in their little imaginary corporation world. Guess that kind of stuff happens when greed beats common sense..

And get real, they're pointing out the maximum opportunity cost. And no, they're not saying they deserve "1000% more sales" what they are saying is that some percentage of those who pirated would have bought the game had the piracy option not been available. You piracy apologists really do love your hyperbole even more than the Ubi guys do.