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@mouse Great work! Pretty cool to watch the race again.

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Did anybody save the replay? I forgot to...

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Anybody having trouble getting into iRacing site? I can't login to the member's site.

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I'll be joining you guys on the next Bombcar session. I'll probably drive the Monte Carlo, unless everybody picks the Street Stock.

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Unfortunatelly, I won't be able to join you guys this weekend, but I'll be around for the other races.

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I'd like to join, please.

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I feel like I've lost one of my friends... How can this be? It doesn't make any sense...

I can only say you'll be deeply missed, Ryan.

My condolences to his wife, his family, and all of his many many friends.

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@cerberus3dog: "

2. A patent protects the underlying idea, while a copyright protects the form the idea is expressed in. One way I have seen people describe the difference is that patents protect things and copyrights protect ideas, but that is a little too simplistic and also slightly backwards. As mentioned, patents protect ideas, not copyrights.

I got a little confused here about patents. Why do people describe the difference between the two as patents protect things and copyrights protects ideas if they do exactly the opposite? The 'follow the money' example helped me understand this point though. It clarified this for me a little bit."

The key word for patents is "industrial applicability". A patent protects an idea too, but an idea that has potential for being used in some kind of industry. Check this link for a good explanation.

And to clarify, be sure to understand that when I say "industry", I mean it in the strict sense of the word, not in the broad sense, as in "movie industry".

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Congratulations, guys. 
I'm happy to say i'm a user since this Giant Bomb was merely a firecracker. 
Way to go!