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This is the podcast my buddies and I do. Please listen to the craziness that is Episode 12 (the title is explained). There was some sound issues because we had to use skype for our special guest, but it seemed to work out well! Please, please listen and tell us what you think.

Thanks again.

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Please check out episode 11 and give us any feedback.
Here's the link:

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Hey guys, please check out our new episode. You guys have been great the past few episodes in giving us genuine and usable feedback. This episode we talk about Kinect and New Vegas.
Thanks for listening!
Here's the link:

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@YoctoYotta said:

" As someone who's going to soon be in the same shoes as you, I feel compelled to listen, if only for karma's sake. Consider me a subscriber.  EDIT: What do you think of Podbean's service? I set up a free account there last week but have been meaning to look around. Did you check out any other services? "

My buddy, the host, handled our subscription to Podbean. Really, if you want to start your own podcast on the service, you'll need a subscription.
@blade1090: Think we should give a warning? "Proceed with caution. Our Canadian accidents and overall Canadian-ness might be too much to handle for some people."
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 My friends and I have been doing a podcast for a bit now and we are getting decent. We want an audience and we do want to make the show better, but we can't if we don't get feedback.

The link is here:
Please listen to the latest episode and episode (the funniest one in my opinion).

Thanks again. (I know this is shameless advertising but we need feedback desperately).

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Please listen to the new episode and tell me what you think.

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Episode 6 is finally up! Please check out our first episode after a month's hiatus. Feedback is what we need! We appreciate it all.

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Unfortunately none of us can do a convincing Irish accent. We'll give it a shot though.

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@Jazz said:

" Good luck with the podcast. I listened to the first couple of minutes before having to rush off...not bad at all.  "

Thanks a lot. I think we'll need the luck because we all know how difficult it is to start a podcast. I was hoping for more than one post so please people download it! I beg of you.
EDIT: Apparently podbean is doing a maintenance or something so people can't access the site. What perfect timing.