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@zeik: Yessir.I finally got it. Even after going through the in-game option I still had some difficulties. Probably due to having the digi version?... Maybe?... Most likely?

My 3DS friend code is: 1418-6820-7373

Please, feel free to add me. Just hit me up and let me know so I can do the same. I need to try out the online demon/street passing/thingy anyways :)

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So this is now a SOA 2013 release. Has anyone played this? They seem to be sticking to their artistic guns with the style. Sort of hand drawn with a "skteched" sort of vibe. Seems more colorful than the companies previous Dishwasher game, but I could be wrong. The companies previous games always did intrigue me but I never bought any. This is only 800 points ($10) so I might give it a shot. For the first time in a few years it seems that ALL 4 of this year's games look at the very least, mildly interesting!And no kinnect games! lol Also, I read that buying 2 of the 4 games gives you "a handful of souls" for another game. What does that mean?

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Hey, although I don't have Animal Crossing I have been playing my 3DS waaay more than my PS3, 360, and definitely the Wii U :( Anyways, right now I am playing Shin Megami Tensei IV and Project X Zone. I'd love some tags, coop, or whatever. Thanks for the post! Do you have Wii U?

3DS friend code: 1418-6820-7373

Pluto... I added ya. Holla!

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@zeik: Awesome man, thanks for the heads-up. I guess when I checked the eShop last they weren't there yet because nothing showed up. I'll give it another look.

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Just curious the page for this game has some DLC listed... is that included in the retail version? Or just not on the eShop quite yet? Any help would be great.

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I am also a huge fan of Take Shelter. Movies like that, with lengthy build ups usually let me down, but the ending is excellent.

Here are a few I can think of off the top.Sorry if anyone already mentioned any.

Run Lola Run (German movie with a great storyline and some cool visuals/cinematography. Stars Johnny Depp's first wife from Blow)

True Romance (early Tarantino)

Election (a movie about a high school student council election. Matthew Broderick in the bath tub is PRICELESS)

Made (sort of a spiritual successor to Swingers)

Memento (Guy Pierce with amnesia)

Timecrimes (AMAZING time travel movie where everytime the guy travels he makes a weirder clone of himself)

Slam (one of my all time fav's. Stars Saul Williams as an aspiring poet/rapper)

Sorry, I just kept thinking of more and more! Great thread. Nice work OP!

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@shagge: Funny Games is great! agreed.

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GT: cotain. I really only play Wargames. KDR is like 8k/7k. Not the best, but I do have a mic and like using teamwork. I usually play at night east coast time zone.

Hit me up!

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I have read that a lot of the Errands open up only after completing the game and starting again. Anyone know this for sure? Do you keep familiars/stats/ect.?

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