Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru (Part 5 4/29/2014)

Hey everyone, here is the update for 4/29/2014. Today on Showa Day, Mr. Rikeru creates a social link with a lady in a limo, makes plans for the Golden Week, and the fog sets in.

Everybody spread the word
it's time for the good times
one day to come together
to release the pressure
we need a holiday
it would be so nice
see you tomorrow

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Hey everyone -- here is the update for 4.30.2014. Today, Yukiko is back and she joins the team, investigation happens, and Golden Week plans occur. We also read about fishing.

Yukiko is Yuki-OK
Would you like to join our club
I'm stealing your food
Hello there young detective
You so crazy
Planning the trip
Mine will have a juice box
One day I will catch a fish
maybe tomorrow

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Happy May Day everyone! Today, William Rikeru takes Marie-chan to Junes, where steak is consumed and social links happen. We also read about fishing.

What to do, what to do

Let's get to social link two
can we watch Storage Wars instead please
I'm the best fisherman