Persona 4 Golden New Game Plus -- The Continuing Adventures of William Rikeru (Part 6 5/2/2014)

Hey everyone -- Here's your 5.2.2014 update! William Rikeru turns the dreaded capsule machine, comforts Nanako when her Dad lets her down, and studies for his Midterms.

This is totally going to happen
I've heard this line is important
<insert witty comment here>
yo lady your machine is busted
we can't go to wal-mart now
Dojima this is not your best day
we comfort Nanako by reading the dicionary
oh well, tomorrow is another day

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Hey y'all, here is the update for 5/3/2014. Today, Nanako is treated to Junes by the Investigation Team, Social Links and studying happen.

A boring day, until...
Chie comes over and Junes is happening
Well, I...

Woo woo
Midterms coming up soon
see you tomorrow

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Hey everyone, it's the update for 5.4.2014! Today, Rikeru hangs out at Junes with friends, reads some questionable poetry, and hangs out with Chie outside Aiya.

Yosuke wants to hang out
Our sports friends and Nanako are there
This is great stuff
I'm sorry for everything
Chie is great, give us the chocolate steak
tomorrow. see you then