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This looks super great! I want it!

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Hey everyone!

Today we Max out our S. Link with Chie, and prepare for Nanako and Dojima to arrive home.

Here, here
What up girl
but enough about the comedy club
[whistling intensifies]
Nanako and Dojima return...

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Hey you all --

Today we go shopping with Ai. Marie is still nowhere to be found...

I'm already dressed, it's cool
Business as usual
A trash bag is a good poncho
More literary discussions...

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Hey all late update today --

We hang with Rise and work at the hospital.

Cold and damp?
I'm going to fail horribly
To the situation room!
White and pale?
I'll do that again...
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@baka_shinji17: She's overworked at stage nine and faints -- they needed the hospital room for her. Interested to see the conclusion to that link.

Hey y'all --

Today we hang with Kanji and work at the hospital once more.

Everything is fine.
never get jobs, kids
"Kanji Infinity"
it's one of the six stats
We will do that again...

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Hey all y'all --

Today we have a group study party for midterms and Shu sends us home :(

Blast it all
Yosuke shows his tactful nature...
The item that only dies for you
More attempted social links...

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Hey everyone, happy Friday!

Today we put on a show!!!

Kanji with the pre-show jitters
Total leakage bro
DA! da-da-da
A show for the ages
Super Saiyan Teddie is best Teddie
one of 99 Luftballons
Neither did I Kanji, Neither did I
We play Cleveland...

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Hey y'all, I'm tired and here's the update for 6/3/2014. William turns capsule machines and meets hot nurses.

Still waiting, waiting for the world to change
It's hard to beat the system
They say we stand for nothing
so rise above and beat it
Waiting for tomorrow

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It's June 2nd! Today, drama and Nanako, not at the same time.

like your 8 hours you lost because school
drama rank UP
no rank Nanako
see you tomorrow