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There's so much good NES and SNES music -- but Metroid's soundtrack is my favorite -- the Kraid theme in particular is beautiful.

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Hey all you people!

Today, the Investigation Team...investigates. We also turn in a quest to the fox and work at the hospital.

All right! Time to relax and chill out...
...oh wait. Murders.
Uh oh -- guess we need to talk to random people
Right on top of that boss
Maybe this white car knows the answers
The fox is stoked, man
Let's all be drunks in community
We meet this lady again
and chat with hello nurse
Tune in tomorrow for more

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Hey everyone --

Today, a beach trip is discussed, William works at the day care center, and continues to help mend the family Dojima.

We kick butt at finals!
Chie waxes poetic
Hey, money
William finds a long lost photo
More heartwarming moments...

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Hey everybody! Hope you're having a great week.

Today, William Rikeru awaits the results of his test, and takes Marie to Joo-nes. Also, Soo-buttle happens.

I would watch this fight on saltybet
fox says pay me
I've heard everyday's great there
film at eleven
Kanji's a grumpy old teenager
that's because she doesn't have hit points
Subway's newest
More loudness and stupidity...

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Hey everyone!

Finals end today, plot happens, and we start the social link with Rise.

That sounds like it would hurt
Nothing smells worse
and then Rikeru lost money on the stock market
do you want my social link
Inaba Police Dept. = 2 out of five stars
more diamonds...

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Hey everyone -- more finals today!

The king of hearts, he has no tarts
<insert DOTA 2 joke here>
more fun times tomorrow

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It's a 7/20 update!

More finals today.

the one with the dot
The Meijer period provides excellent savings
more final fun tomorrow

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Hey you all --

Finals are tomorrow so of course William Rikeru we work with Yosuke at Junes.

(failure is imminent)

I hate waiting
The finest cuts! At not Wal-Mart!
Don't tell this to any blue collar worker
I'm going to fail all my tests

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Hey everyone!

Today, Rikeru hangs with Yukiko and Nanako.

Who's that girl that always laughin'? Yu-ki-ko
Who's that girl that's got some stickers? Na-na-ko
What's that day after today? To-mor-row