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Good job duder! I'm working through New Game Plus in Persona 4 Golden now -- it is awesome to see the arcs for so many characters develop through the course of the game -- and you discover new ones that you never saw before in a second playthrough!

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I'm taking it you're not doing New Game Plus in Persona 4. That's probably a good idea, I'm not sure who would be stupid enough to do that. I look forward to hearing about your take on System Shock 2 -- I still need to play that game and see where Bioshock came from.

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@ch3burashka: I'm really not trying to tell a story about William Rikeru, or any story that you don't already know. His story is just the story of the Persona 4 main character, which is well known on this site. I'm blogging/journaling that I play a day of Persona 4 Golden every day, and recording a couple of screenshots from day to day to track progress, with my attempts at wit in the captions (I got one person to admit he laughed that one time). That's always been my goal, and the fact that some folks are cheering me on is awesome. I do have a goal of taking the time to write a blog about my personal experience playing P4G every day to share that journey with everyone, which I hope to do on one of the breaks the game gives. I hope that you'll stick around to read that blog when it comes out.

Hey everyone!

Today we participate in the cross dressing pageant, and take a visit to the hot springs.

Let's do this thing
Kanji looks happy to be here
Teddie wants to play go fish
And Naoto got a restraining order on Chie
Please evacuate the school is on fire
There's not enough booze in the world
Japan's sky is so pretty at night
So many buckets
Good night, Teddie. See you...

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Hey y'all --

William is entered into a cross dressing pageant today. That's all.

uh oh
Yosuke is not pleased
It all goes down...

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Hey you guys --

Today we watch Yosuke be stupid, prep for the Culture Day event, and work at the hospital.

School beauty pageants always work
Oh snap
He sucks again
Trix are for kids!...wait
You and me both, Chie
"a measly paycheck and a gold watch"
More social linking and plot...

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Hey all -- late update tonight.

Today we help Naoto with her investigation and finish the social link with Shu.

Still can't stand the rain
against my window
Ohana means family
we will also be able to summon Ifrit

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@baka_shinji17: Yeah, Shu is from the tutoring job. I think your Understanding has to be maxed out to take the job. Good luck on the grind! I know when I'm fighting that final boss, March 20, 2015!

Hey everyone!

Today, we ace our test, start the social link with Naoto, and hang with Adachi.

That seems so long ago...
Dropping knowledge like whoa...
Well, yeah
More Japanese food...

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Sleepy late update you guys.

Today we train with Chie and chat with Yukiko.

Takeshi is a creep
More Halloween fun...

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Hey everyone!

Today, plans are made, movies are watched, and birthdays are had.

The sandwiches in group date cafe are gross
Kanji loves the cute
What?!? we must have a party
not awkward at all
and more Persona...

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It's Over! Midterms are complete, and we celebrate by chilling with Naoki and receiving a suspicious letter.

I'm free!
Let's hang out with this guy
true words, Naoki
We just got a letter...
We just got a letter...
wE jUsT GoT a LeTTer
Wonder who it's from?
more plot tomorrow