Posted by Count_Zero

This was a rather involved review to do, and interspersing the gameplay footage with footage of me didn't quite turn out as well as I liked. I'm not sure quite what went wrong there - but I'll try to improve in later installments.

Posted by Nadrick

well.....imma watch and ill get back 2 you when im done lol

Posted by HarlequinRiot

I watched about 10 minutes of it (I'll probably finish it later). I think you introduced yourself well, and your perspectives on reviews were interesting (I would have liked to see you address these sorts story issues sooner though). One thing I would say though is try to slim it down. I felt like at a certain point I was getting a walkthrough of the game interspersed with criticisms. I thought your actual points were good though and well stated and thought out. 

Posted by Nadrick

just finished watching, i liked it =D, you gave a nice introduction for yourself, and you went threw the entire game (unlike some who only show key scenes) and spoke your mind about it. i definitely agree with your thoughts about the emp mission.
you have just given me my new favorite excuse....sorry i did not file the reports because a car made of explodium gave me a fender bender
would love to see some more if you will :)