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Frankly, while I've liked the games Ken Levine and Irrational Games have done in this past, if I were working in the game industry, events like this would make me a lot less inclined to work for any sort of auteur developer, and instead would make me want to either:

  1. Work for a development studio like Treyarch or one of the internal EA studios, where the games I'd be working on wouldn't be as creatively varied, in terms of their gameplay and subject matter, but the work would be reliable and be there. Also, I'd have a paycheck that would let me go to GDC and learn how to improve my craft from other developers there.

    However, due to the amount of crunch in AAA game development, there's a risk that I'd burn out before I'd get to make the games that I really want to make. Similarly, there wouldn't necessarily be as many opportunities for me to advance, or make games based on my own ideas while here, and depending on the contract that I signed when I got the job, any ideas that I came up with when I was working there, even if I came up with them on my own time and told no-one at the company, would belong to my employer.

    Also, with the rise of Indy Game development, there's always the possibility that if the contract I signed when I got the job had a non-compete clause that would not only prevent me from working for my former employer's competitors, but could also prevent me from working on my own games as well.
  2. Alternatively, I could just go straight to independent development. Yes, the likelihood of actually making a living is lower, the workload is higher, and if I want to work on a big spectacular game I'm out of luck, but I'd have control over my creative vision, and ultimately, I don't have to worry about getting fired because the genius auteur I was working under and hoping to learn from decided that he wanted to work on something else.

    If (the hypothetical) I take this route, my opportunities to improve from learning from other successful developers and getting to meet and talk shop with other developers is reduced - GDC admission is expensive, and not always available on the revenues of my games. Further, if I want to promote my work, I'm going to have to spend a whole bunch of money out of pocket not only for things like getting web pages and buying online ad space, but also going to those conventions. Additionally, these conventions might be related to organizations that I might not necessarily want to support (for example, the gnashing of teeth last year related to the ties between PAX and Penny Arcade, and some of the views expressed in that comic, and the ever-increasing importance of PAX when it comes to game promotion and connecting with potential fans).

As it is, this whole situation hasn't endeared me much to Ken Levine. Oh, and as far as far the "emergent gameplay" in Day Z and EVE Online as a way to cause replayable narrative - frankly, while I've enjoyed hearing about the stories that come out of these games, I'm not interested in playing them - at all. Far too often they feel like a way to facilitate online bullying, though that's a discussion for another time.

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I bet this game uses the same tech as the developer's Heavy Fire Games. Actually, I'm willing to bet that this is just like one of their Heavy Fire Games, but with levels ripped off from the Rambo movies.

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I gotta say, I couldn't look at the Jaffa Cake without thinking of Stargate SG-1, and what a Stargate SG-1 related ad for those cakes would be like.

My mind goes in weird directions occasionally.

@deegee said:

It's super weird seeing the most generic, run of the mill, everyday British food here being looked at like it's exotic.

You can't walk anywhere in England without tripping over a Jaffa Cake.

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Never mind the issues with the guns, I'm pretty sure active sonar doesn't cause Shock Waves Of Death (TM) in the water (just Of Doom - if you're detected).

Also, considering the wound the guy had in his arm, is anyone else thinking that there's some missed potential there for environmental hazards, what with the shark we saw at the beginning of the level?

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Maybe it's nothing, but I'm getting a bit of an Unfortunate Implications vibe from the bad guys in this game being Hispanic.

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@korolev said:

EDIT: Also, as good as this game looks, this footage is totally staged. I'm not saying that you don't get stuff like this in Battlefield, you do, but this - this is staged stuff.

True - nobody was randomly crashing jets and/or helicopters into buildings.

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I kind of hope this gets a PC release.

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This looks interesting, but I'll probably wait until the PC version comes out.

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Is it just me, or does that divot on their gameplay map mean that you can't race in Portland and Seattle?

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Man. Terminal Reality got stuck with a lemon here, didn't they. Going by Alex's review, they had no time, no budget, and no matter what they'd have to deal with the high expectations that come from coming up against Telltale's Walking Dead game, which was for a lot of people in the running for best of 2012. Two of those I could see a developer overcoming. All three, not so much.

I kind of wonder when Terminal Reality realized just how fucked they were. If I were to make a guess, I'd say before the Alpha gameplay footage leaked - and for that matter, I'd say the leak was intentional, to soften expectations, so the game's response was mild disappointment, like what there is now, as opposed to, say, anger.