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I've started watching Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo) from the first season, and this is a pretty good sports anime - particularly focused on Boxing. From the little bit of peeking ahead that I've done, there aren't particularly any super-powers in the show (as opposed to stuff like Prince of Tennis), and the show does a really good job of explaining the fundamentals of boxing. I'm not going to say that the show is going to inspire me to take up boxing (my pain tolerance is too low for that). However, I think if I watched a boxing match on TV, I'd probably have a better appreciation of what's going on.

Also, I know one of the games based on the show got a stateside release under the title of "Victorious Boxers". I'm tempted to see if I can find a copy and pick it up. Has anyone played it? If so, how is it?

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This is really weird. Ken's statement is basically that he wants to downsize for creative reasons; which would be a baffling reason to fire that many people in any day and age but in the current climate? Those people aren't exactly just going to walk in to another booming developer (some will, perhaps).

So, either that's BS and there's more too this... or an incredibly tactless decision was just made.

I absolutely agree. To use an music analogy. This is a bit like when Roger Waters decided that he wanted to go off and do his own solo thing, and basically fired every other member of Pink Floyd after the recording of The Final Cut. Now, because of how ownership to bands works, the other members of Pink Floyd were able to sue Waters to get the name of the band back (though Roger Waters retained all the imagery and iconography from The Wall tour, as well as the Big Inflatable Pig from the Animals tour). Thus, we were able to get two more Pink Floyd albums that were decent (A Momentary Lapse of Reason) to really good (The Division Bell).

However, due to how the game industry works, I doubt a similar lawsuit could happen here. It'd be nice if the displaced employees could sue to get the company back, while Levine goes off to do his own smaller project elsewhere, but oh well. That said, if the laid off employees want to start their own company, I think the name "Sane Games" is available.

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I'm also looking for an invite too. My character is Huw Hawkwind@Count_Zero

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Apparently there's a new chapter going on with this. For one of my videos that featured gameplay footage, I was directed to a form I needed to fill out in order to monetize where I had to list the name of the game, the publisher, and I either had to upload a PDF of a document showing that I had the publisher's approval to use the gameplay footage, or I had to link to a Terms of Use document that would permit monitization of gameplay footage.

This is of particular note because:

  1. It doesn't accommodate for Fair Use, so use of gameplay footage for purposes of a review is out - especially games where the publisher has shut down (like THQ).
  2. Twitter statements granting permission to monetize gameplay footage, like the tweets from @Capcom_Unity, don't count (I tried that for my video, which used footage from Remember Me). This is notable because Capcom US has steadfastly refused to put up an official Terms of Use document, while otherwise being okay with people putting ads on their gameplay videos.

In other words, with this new adjustment of YouTube's policy - Fair Use doesn't exist, and nothing is permitted unless it's expressly permitted... specifically for video games. Everything else is business as usual.

This leads to the added bummer of the fact that unless you have a setup that allows streaming over Twitch, there isn't anywhere else to go to monetize your videos. Blip.Tv has changed their setup to only accept established content producers, and they specifically do not want Let's Plays or long sequences of gameplay footage. This is one of the reasons why Angry Joe and Lotus Prince left Blip. DailyMotion runs ads, but there's no way for content producers to get any of that.

The Vlogbrothers (Hang & John Green) started Subbable as a way for content producers to have a more direct financial relationship with their fans, without having to content with the monetization issues of YouTube & Blip, but Subbable doesn't work for smaller creators. Specifically, if you want to apply for Subbable, you need to have at least 5,000 unique followers. That will work for guys like Angry Joe, Tobuscus, or TotalBiscuit, but not for the guys who are trying to reach those lofty heights. The best alternate option out there is, I think, Patreon.

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Till they start losing money and people stop going to their site no one at google will even take notice. That's how this stuff works. Maybe once mainstream newspapers and stuff start running stories it will become big enough, but till then nothing will change.

Mainstream like the BBC?

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I think some time ago, we agreed to separate FF3/4 and their DS remakes. Don't quote me on that, though.

Yep, this was agreed some time ago. The remakes are different enough from the originals to warrant separate pages.

Good to know. I did a search on the combine forum to see if there was a previous thread discussing combining the two games, and I didn't see anything on the topic. That, and I saw the DS release of Final Fantasy III on the release list on the primary page, and made an assumption that it turns out to be false. Ah well, all's well that ends well.

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If 2b happens, then 2 has to happen as well (because, well, "Ryan Davis presents... Ryan Davis" would be awesome).

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Damn. While I'd listened to him on the Bombcast, I remember meeting him at SDCC 2010 at the Whiskey Media meet-up, and he (along with everyone else - IIIRC Sara, Rorie, Norm and Will were there) were great to meet and talk to. However, what really stuck out in my mind was that Ryan thought that I looked like a younger Jeff - enough so that he took a picture with his smart-phone to send to Jeff.

So, I offer my deepest condolences to Ryan's family and friends. He was a helluva guy.

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Really great series of articles! As far as a vote on your next topic goes, the 38 Studios thing sounds particularly interesting - especially tax credits for game development studios is becoming something of A Thing.