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EDIT: It also happens if I drop the "3010-" part of the company number - or just use "Nintendo"

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I wonder if this is related to whatever's causing me to get a 500 Internal Server Error page when I run API queries.

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Try that command with /api/games/ instead of /game/.

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I posted about this on the bug reporting board, but I think this might work better here. I'm getting a 500: Internal Server Error when I run this query. Does this problem happen for anyone else?[MyKey]&format=json&filter=company:3010-90&sort=release_date:asc&field_list=id,name,abbreviation

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As part of getting information from the database for my Senior Project, I ran this query to get a list of Nintendo Consoles for a referential integrity table.[MyKey]&format=xml&filter=company:3010-90&sort=release_date:asc&field_list=id,name,abbreviation

When I ran that, I got a 500 error. On the bright side, it wasn't a 404, which means I had the query structured properly. However, until this is fixed I can't know if I got the right results, so I'm passing this along.

EDIT: One other thing - when I run a query just to get a list of companies (for another referential integrity table) using this query:[MyKey]&format=xml&field_list=id,name,site_detail_url

I just get the companies page. Adjusting the query so it was for /api/companies/ didn't do anything to fix it. Same with using json instead of xml.

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One other question - I'm looking to pull a list of just US region NES games - would I be better off doing the query off of /api/games/ or would it work better to do it as a search?

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Companies is a little trickier - I'm only looking for developers who have developed games for the NES, SNES, or Game Boy (so, for example, I don't want Iron Galaxy, as they're recent enough that they probably don't have any NES games in the list of games they've developed).

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For my senior project I'm putting together a database collecting and tracking the results of Nintendo Power Magazine's Top 30/Top 20 players poll. To save some data entry time, I'm looking to pull some information from the Giant Bomb database - specifically game information, as well as a list of genres, developers, and publishers to provide referential integrity - with genres and companies (developers and publishers) getting their own tables.

How do I just a list of genres from the database using the API?

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I've started watching Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo) from the first season, and this is a pretty good sports anime - particularly focused on Boxing. From the little bit of peeking ahead that I've done, there aren't particularly any super-powers in the show (as opposed to stuff like Prince of Tennis), and the show does a really good job of explaining the fundamentals of boxing. I'm not going to say that the show is going to inspire me to take up boxing (my pain tolerance is too low for that). However, I think if I watched a boxing match on TV, I'd probably have a better appreciation of what's going on.

Also, I know one of the games based on the show got a stateside release under the title of "Victorious Boxers". I'm tempted to see if I can find a copy and pick it up. Has anyone played it? If so, how is it?