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@gnomeonfire: This post reminds me - Master Keaton. The anime is, unfortunately, OOP (it was a Geneon USA release), but it's based on a manga by Naoki Urasawa (Monster, 20th Century Boys, Pluto), which has just started getting a series released in English by Viz under their Sig Ikki label. It's about Taichi Keaton, an insurance investigator for Lloyds of London, who travels the world, meeting interesting people, and solving crimes - while also dealing with his family that wants him to settle down - while Keaton wants to pursue his real passion, Archeology. The first volume of the manta (which is out now), has Keaton investigating the murder of a man with a 1 million pound life insurance policy in Greece.

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Log Horizon is pretty good - it's not exactly mature, but it is smart. It takes the concept of "People from the real world are trapped in an MMO" and does some really clever stuff with it.

In particular, in the series, the player characters in the game are effectively immortal - when you enough damage to kill you, you respawn in the Church at the last major town you visited. On the other hand, NPCs are not immortal, and can die - and they also are now sentient. Fast travel is now disabled, so you have to hoof it everywhere - and the game's world is designed like a reduced scale version of the real world - so there are oceans you have to traverse. Also, crafting skills matter.

Consequently, you get an interesting plot where we see how the MMO social structures interact with this new situation the players are now stuck in, plus the People of The Land (the NPCs), now sentient, have to figure out what to do with the de-facto demigods that surround them.

And then there's the lore from the game - what happens when the lore of the game starts becoming something other than pretty text.

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@jimipeppr: Good to know that Shirobako is very good - the last anime about making anime I saw was Animation Runner Kuromi (1 & 2), which were both fantastic.

Also, we need a new Animation Runner Kuromi.

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I haven't gotten a PS4 yet - does Playstation Now require PS Plus? If it doesn't, and they introduced a reduced rate for PS Plus subscribers (say, $15/month for PS Plus Subscribers), and we got a critical mass of the games in my personal PSN/PS3/PS2 library, then I'd be in like Flynn. I might even buy a PS4 just for that (never mind any additional PS4 games - though I'll certainly get some of those too).

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I'm sorry, but it seems like someone tossed about an entire bag of onions into a cuisinart in my apartment, so consequently my eyes are tearing up like nobody's business.

As it is, I've already been beaten on the "Big No" front, so all I can do instead is fall back on my wrestling references and attempt to start a "Thank You Patrick! (clap clap clap-clap-clap)" chant.

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EDIT: It also happens if I drop the "3010-" part of the company number - or just use "Nintendo"

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I wonder if this is related to whatever's causing me to get a 500 Internal Server Error page when I run API queries.

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Try that command with /api/games/ instead of /game/.

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I posted about this on the bug reporting board, but I think this might work better here. I'm getting a 500: Internal Server Error when I run this query. Does this problem happen for anyone else?[MyKey]&format=json&filter=company:3010-90&sort=release_date:asc&field_list=id,name,abbreviation