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Fun pulpy Nazi-face-punching action 0

I'm finally returning to do video game reviews, with a look at Pandemic Studios last game, The Saboteur.So, I bring up William Grover-Williams in the review - an article on wikipedia about him can be found here. His life story is really impressive, and pretty clearly is the model for Sean Devlin, though Devlin's story ends happier - Grover-Williams was eventually captured and died in a concentration camp....

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Best gameplay in FPS History, dumbest story in FPS history 0

This week, I'm reviewing the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, with Modern Warfare 3.Multiplayer footage by Matroix ( Music during the "Incoherent Rage" card is "Virtutes Instrumenti" by Kevin McCloudNotes: One thing I forgot to get into in the review itself is that the single player levels are incredibly directed. You can kind of feel the pressure in the game to keep you moving in a specific direction all the time. On the one hand, this ma...

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Serious flaws with this racing game 0

After the review, I get into my thoughts on the Hugo Award nominees for Best Professional Artist.Other notes: I really wish the game had found a way to include some kind of car customization in the game, whether in terms of performance or appearance.Also, I end up stepping into redundancies with the not being able to easily change cars thing - but that's a really big deal in a racing game. It's kind of a brave move to make this decision, in terms of maintaining the narrative - but from a gamepla...

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Rock Solid Platformer 0

In my little video review, I give my thoughts on Rayman: Origins (There's also some additional stuff after I'm done talking about Rayman, but the game stuff comes first)Now - one little thing I didn't get into in the review - is that if you're going to beat the game - and save all the Glade Kings, you may end up having to do a lot of back-tracking - more than your Mario Galaxy - probably closer to your Mario 64 "Get All The Stars If You Want To See The Ending" level....

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Greatest Game in the Series 0

Because my video ended turning out kind of short - I also included my thoughts on the 2012 Hugo Award nominees for best Novel... and because of some hiccups with, I suspect, my webcam drivers, I ended up with weird glitches like the one you see in the video thumbnail - for which I apologize....

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Gorgeous game, with flawed combat. 0

After a long absence, I have a new video review of El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron.Notes: I did mean to put the art from the Untitled El Shaddai Project in the video, but I forgot....

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The best game in the series 0

Too Long; Didn't Watch version: Gears of War 3 fixes everything that was wrong with the first two games. The Second-Act-Secret-Project-Ass-Pull-That-Invalidates-Everything-That-Came-Before? Gone. Survival sequences that exist to pad out the game, and in the process kill any sense of urgency? Toned down. Two-dimensional characitures for squad members (Hi, Cole)? Fleshed out and given depth.The only real minuses I have against this game, is that it effectively completes the bad-ass decay of the Lo...

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A transhumanist masterpiece. 0

After several weeks with no reviews - I'm taking a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution.Gameplay Footage by: J2JonJeremyAs far as when I'll do my discussion of "Transhumanist Cyberpunk" - well, that will be on my blog, and I'd like to see if I can set up a guest appearance from another internet reviewer first - just so I can get some additional examples of similar works from some knowledgeable people....

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Mediochre Shooter, with a decent story 0

TL;DW version - Blood Stone has a decent single player campaign, with some exciting gameplay moments, with an interesting story (though one that has its dumb points).Gameplay footage by:Shockwave981 - - a guest appearance by Diamanda Hagan:

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Bond Meets Call of Duty... again! 0

I've finally done a video review of a current game for once. Huzzah!Too Long, Didn't Watch version:All of the narrative shifts required when you make this film a Daniel Craig Bond film instead of a Pierce Brosnan Bond Film cause some real problems for the plot.The gameplay is solid, but that's basically because this plays like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which also has rock solid gameplay. The problem is there aren't a lot of people playing it online so once you get through single player, that...

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Good gameplay and well written characters 0

After much delay due to technical difficulties on my end, I present my video review, of Gears of War 2.Gameplay footage by Skorch82....

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Laid a solid groundwork for a sequel we'll never see. 0

This week I have another video game review for you, of Bizarre Creation's last racing game - Blur. You'll have to bare with me on this review - for various technical reasons, I'm not able to do my usual video editing....

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A Mediochre title in the franchise 0

Too Long, Didn't Watch version: Lego Batman features a lot of the solid gameplay that has made the Lego series so long lasting. However, the tone of the game and the tone of the Batman franchise simply doesn't mesh. Thus, this is a game that only really works for fans of the Lego series - who don't need anyone to recommend this game to them, as they'll buy it anyway....

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Mediocre 3rd Person Shooter 0

The too long, didn't watch version - The Bourne Conspiracy succeeds at replicating the feel of the Bourne films. However, the flashback levels that take up the majority of the game's run-time drag down the game experience, feel like they have little to do tonally with the film the game is based on, and ultimately are woefully bland....

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A solid Third Person Shooter, with a weak-sauce story. 0

Another video review from me, of a game which really innovated in the third person shooter genre, but unfortunately presented a story that simply turned out vapid, dull, and with more holes then a Locust Drone's bullet riddled corpse....

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Life is too short for bad Strategy RPGs 0

I'm trying something slightly different here, and submitting this review as a video. I'm using a new video editing program, for this video, so bear with me as I work on adjusting the sound quality....

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For fans of RC Pro-Am, and not particularly for more people 0

  To be absolutely blunt, Rock & Roll Racing is like RC Pro-Am with some Heavy Metal & Hard Rock music, plus a psychotic announcer. To be fair, this isn't totally a bad thing – RC Pro-Am is one of the best racing games of its period, with pretty solid controls, a game-play style that keeps you hooked, and decent racing, though the game had some problems with its learning curve. Rock & Roll Racing basically fixes those learning curve problems and makes the gameplay a little more comb...

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Good game, just not worth hunting for 0

Capcom's 16-bit Disney licensed games are widely regarded as being among the best platformers in the 16-bit console generation. However, of the successful titles, like Mickey Mousecapade, that they released, lurking in their shadow was a little game called Goof Troop, which has remained fairly obscure to this day. The reasons for the title's obscurity are two-fold. It was based on a show that was only broadcast on cable (Goof Troop aired only on the Disney Channel). While all the other Disn...

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Solid 8-bit adaptation of a 16-bit game 0

This is related to this blog post.  On multiple occasions, I've heard the expression mentioned that restrictions breed creativity. Sometimes that doesn't hold true. My last Quality Control pick, Raging Fighter, was a great example of this. The game was a fighting game that just didn't hold up well on what was essentially a 4-bit hand-held system. Such is the opposite with this Quality Control pick, Mighty Final Fight, from Capcom for the NES. Capcom was basically given the task of porting the SN...

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No such thing as a two-button fighting game 0

For this review of Raging Fighter for the Game Boy, I have to admit that I didn’t get into the game as much as I’d like. By “get into the game” I don’t mean get interested in the game, as much as I mean make progress in the game. For those unfamiliar with the title, and there probably are a lot of you, this game is a fighting game for the Game Boy, published by Konami. In the game you play one of several martial artists, who beat each other up in a martial arts tournament. I can’t really ...

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Best "Falling Gems" music game for the PC. 0

The Concept: It seems surprising that no-one has tried to emulate Guitar Hero with the prior games in this genre. Well, someone has finally done that with Rhythm Zone, a game which where you have to hit falling gems in rhythm to your music. The game also features downloadable music tracks for free. The Good: The backgrounds are much more dynamic than the backgrounds in Audiosurf, while still maintaining some abstract sense to them. The game also works with all of the digital audio file for...

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Give it a pass 0

The Concept: Once again, this game also tries to do something new with the genre. In this case, the concept is to make a match-three-or-more puzzle game with levels based around your music. Multipliers and combos can be built up by triggering the groups of blocks in time with the game's tempo. The Good: Supports most open media formats (.mp3, .ogg, .wav), as well as Audio CDs. It also has individual leader-boards for songs over going by song-length. The rising-and-falling blocks puzzles wo...

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Decent Dual-Stick shooter 0

The Concept: Beat Hazard takes a different take on this genre by going combining the Custom Music Game with the revived Twin Stick Shooter genre. The Good: The game has a level up mechanic that works very well in my opinion. No matter how badly you think you're doing on a particular level, you're always progressing and powering yourself up, which helps encourage continued play. The Bad: The power of your weapons is not only connected to power-ups you collect in the generated levels, but...

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A lot of gameplay for your buck. 0

The Concept: This game can legitimately be considered the father of the modern generation of Custom Music Games. Distributed through Steam, the game uses your music to generate a “road” with various colored blocks on it, with the color based on the intensity of the music and different colored blocks having different point values. You need to fill up a “meter” by hitting colored blocks and getting them to match in the main gameplay modes (with different “characters” having different special a...

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Decent game, in the vein of Parodius 0

This review is a tie-in to my last recap of Nintendo Power on my blog here. Kendo Rage is a bit of an odd duck, or perhaps rather an ugly duckling. The game takes the action-platforming style of the Valis series, gives the game the sense of humor (both in terms of tone and in terms of level and monster designs) of the Parodius series, and the persistent timer of Prince of Persia, and it kind of works. You play as Josephine, a girl living with her grandfather in rural Japan, at his kendo dojo...

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Missed Potential 0

Just to get it out of the way. I love Van Halen in general. Both the David Lee Roth era and the Sammy Hagar eras of the band both had some amazing songs which I absolutely love… and let’s just pretend that the Gary Charone era didn’t happen. So, when I heard about this game, I was looking forward to the game with great anticipation. Then I learned that there wouldn’t be any representation of the Sammy Hagar era on the album because the band was currently touring with David Lee Roth, and my inte...

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Almost the Total Metallica Package 0

A while back (on my Blog), I went out on a limb and said that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was superior to Guitar Hero III. I’ve now had an opportunity to play the second band focused Guitar Hero game, and while I enjoyed it, it encountered some of the same problems that Guitar Hero III had. For starters, the game isn’t balanced well. On Normal, I found myself running into serious problems with the first two tracks of the game, with the game. Even when I switched down to the Easy difficulty set...

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Only Half-Good 0

With my last Nintendo Power Recap, I picked Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose for my next Quality Control pick. This was in part because I was a fan of the Tiny Toon Adventures TV series, and partially because I kind of liked the last Looney Tunes game I played, Death Valley Rally.  So, we’ll see how well this game holds up. The Premise: Playing as Buster Bunny, you travel through various stages based on either cartoons from Tiny Toon Adventures (like the ACME Loonaversity homecomi...

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Good game, but try before you buy 0

This review was originally written on my blog. Awhile back I played and reviewed (somewhere else – I can’t find the precise review) 50 Cent: Bulletproof. The game was the first game featuring rapper 50 Cent. It wasn’t a good game, but it wasn’t absolute crap either. It was just incredibly mediocre. However, it sold incredibly well. So, I wasn’t surprised when the game got a sequel, but I wasn’t particularly expecting quality in any form, so I just ignored the game. However, then I started hearin...

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Best game to date in the series 0

This review was originally written for my blog. So, a while back I played, and reviewed, the first major rhythm game to be based around a particular rock band – Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I reviewed it almost a year ago,  and I didn’t think it was all bad. Well, this year I’ve picked up Harmonix’s take on the concept. With the game I reviewed a year ago, Neversoft took the Guitar Hero series, took some of Aerosmith’s hit tracks and put some relevant tracks by other artists around it. Harmo...

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Rock solid shump. 0

This review was originally written for my blog. The Premise The forces of the Galactic Federation are not faring well in their century long war with the ORN empire. The Empire has installed cloaking devices on 5 their planets that harbor major bases to shield them from Federation forces, and they’ve designed a special defensive system called Cerebus to keep major fleets from searching for them. The Federation’s only hope is the new LEO-03 “Styx” starfighter, which is small enough to slip t...

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Decent Casino game for the NES - not that it's saying much 0

This review was originally written for my blog as a companion to my recap of an issue of Nintendo Power.  The Premise: Casino Kid, the protagonist of the last game, has beaten all the best gamblers in the United States. However, the world remains. Now he must travel the globe, beating some of the best gamblers on Earth at the Roulette wheel, at Blackjack, and at Poker, before facing the King of Gambling at all three games. The Good: This is probably one of the best implementations of Blackj...

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One of the better Shumps for the SNES 0

This review was originally written for my blog, as a companion to a recap of Nintendo Power.   When it comes to reviewing the also-rans in Nintendo Power, the reasons for picking that game as a Quality Control title are different from the reasons why I’d pick a game that was featured prominently in the magazine (say, with a guide). With the games that get a guide, I’m looking for a game that’s generally not a classic, and attempting to see if it was worth the consumer’s time. The assumptio...

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Wrapped in its own tangled web 0

Open world games have to walk a cobweb of fine lines to succeed. They need to have lots of things for the player to do. However, if you have too many things to do then you can't bug test the game enough. Combat needs to be simple, because the player is going to be doing a lot of it. If you make it too simple it gets monotonous and boring. Too complicated and it gets hard to keep track of what you need to do. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows tries to walk this cobweb, but falls and get tangled in itsel...

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Lucasarts Has Taught You Well, But You Are Not A Jedi Yet 0

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is basically, part of Lucasfilm's attempt to pull another Shadows Of The Empire-esque multi-media crossover event-thingie, spanning video games, novels and comics, to bridge the gap between the end of the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy. Consequently, the hype behind the game is huge, particularly considering that this is, basically, Lucasarts' last in-house Star Wars game. It's not a bad way to go out - but it could have been better.After a semi-tutorial/...

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