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Hey I was born to play video games since the age of 4 I have held a remote from some video game console, and no matter what is known about video games it is a form of art and I live to review and tell all people who are interested in it about all games that a person of my age and expenses can get. From the newest game to the oldest games, some games may just play suck, but i'm not about to make that opinion till I have played it and it takes some sort of effort to make me say that any game is the "SUCK", of the video games itself. I just want to give out a shout out to all the quick look hosts on this site, you guys have my dream job and I hope to be in the same sort of career you guys are in, and I mean to work hard for this goal. Soon I plan to start making a small review show, so when I'm done with my first review I will try to get the word out with this sight and any other sites that are wiling to be helpful.