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While this is all amusing to watch in the tech industry, it is awfully dumb. I don't entirely grasp the motivation behind it, though it seems very much "hey, look at me!". I mean, the idea is to do it or pay $100. And if you do it, then you call out other people who do it. Since everyone is doing it, they're not raising any money. Except, of course, they're all "donating the $100+ anyway". In which case, the ice-dunking is pointless.

This is only a small step above changing your twitter icon to fight the NSA or save Ukrain. Good on the people who have donated and chosen not to participate in the attention-whoring.

The "attention-whoring" is getting eyes on the cause. It is dumb, but it's a light hearted way to bring attention to the fund raising. Without these videos, no one would care, or possibly even know, about Lou Gehrig's Disease. If people have to do silly things to get a decent cause noticed, then that is what has to happen. A lot of money has been raised, and that wouldn't have been accomplished without this gimmick. You have a terribly cynical outlook on this.

Think of it like a dunk tank at a carnival to raise funds for a local school. More people would donate money with the chance of putting someone in water than just putting cash in a donation box.

What you call cynicism, I call experience. This very "viral meme" is itself a demonstration of new social-medial-self-promotion-cynicism as is the "guffaw guffaw aw shucks, they're just people like me and this is awfully fun to watch the dunking -- oh and charity!" response across the internet. How much has actually been raised for ALS? How much awareness has been spread? I mean, seriously, who doesn't know about ALS? And who cares about it after this that didn't before? What they care is that "durp durp Zuckerberg got dunked and called out Gates and Paige hurf hurf".

I guess it's amusing to see a few CEOs and pundits doused with ice (really? ice?), but this is really trivially dumb in much the same way twitter icon activism is.

I'm all for charity and I'm all for good causes, but the trappings around this are just dumb (and I bet most people who have watched one or more "dunkings" still couldn't tell you what the charity was for).

And...the logic is still flawed. Donate OR get dunked. Everyone wants to see these people get dunked; not donate.

Sorry, I just hate gross social media bullshit and self-serving bullshit (which is what this campaign thrives on - the desire of the person doing it to be seen). I don't care that it's "for a good cause". A lot of things are for good causes and still fucking dumb and still being done by participants for dumb reasons.

You want to know how much awareness has been spread? They've made 13.3 million and counting this know how much they made at this point last year without the "ice bucket challenge"? 1.7 million. So...hmmm....let's see......maybe my math's wrong (I suck at math) but that is a 782% increase.

So, yeah, I'd say it helps, sorry you're so disgusted by something that helps so many people.

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Loving the setting and the daunting prospect of not being so shield dependent. I better learn how to roll. With every Souls game I keep thinking this is how a 3D Castlevania should be.

I always play with a shield so I'm also super excited being forced to play a Souls game primarily dodging. Who does the art for these games? They have geniuses working there right now...their art direction is on another level.

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This game looks absolutely incredible.

From are one of the best developers in the world right now.

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Y'all calling for a new pokemon snap game are crazy

I just replayed Snap a couple months ago and it completely holds up. It's still a very good game, only downfall it has is it's short...but the perfect length now to be a downloadable game. Plus...think what they could do with the Wii U remote for a new snap.

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If there was an actual traditional Pokemon game on Wii U, I would buy a Wii U.

This. Or Snap 2. Either of those games I would run out there first day to buy them..I don't know what I'd do watching Pikachu in full HD.

That said, this is probably some Pikachu spinoff.

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I really enjoyed when they did the quick look for Akiba's Trip 2. Maybe they should play through Akiba's Trip 1.

75% of the game seemed to be incredibly tedious dialog that they mostly skipped... Nah.

We're talking Dan and Jeff here, I'd like to see them play a game that Jeff truly truly reveres. These days, everything Jeff plays is either (rightfully) poo-pooed or "alright". I wanna see Jeff genuinely, passionately liking something, but it's gotta be long enough for a decent sized endurance run too.

And with that I am at a complete loss as to what they should play...

Jeff passionatley liking something? Those are few and far between nowadays my friend!

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@hailinel: I found this alleged list of 89+ "missing" features from Sims 4...not that I care about the franchise at all, but it's interesting to watch how fans are reacting to it.

Yikes. I never got into these games (or SimCity for that matter), but it looks like they took out a ton of the fun stuff.

Well, "fun" stuff.

To me, this seems like a GOOD thing. I hated how complex the Sims me it never got as good as the original Sims, there was too much to think about in later versions. I think if they strip the game down to something similar to the original game I'd be more into it.

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@oldirtybearon: Exactly. I think this is a stupid thing to complain about personally. I actually think the design looks cool personally, MUCH better than that full-bodied Zero suit look. Tell me, should I be offended Zangief only wears a skimpy speedo? She's not wearing a thong and pasties, it looks like workout clothes and is a nod to Justin Bailey. I'm just sick of all of this stuff, there's worse things out there in the world..REAL gender issues, not this.

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - I absolutely adored the series and was interested when it was going "open-world" but the level design was sub-par and lack of the timer actually wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Mortal Kombat 3 - mk2 was one of my all time favorite fighting games and couldn't wait for this one... I was really excited for how big the roster was but this game disappointed me to no end. The sprites were small and the characters felt silly. It just didn't feel as good as two.

Time splitters 2 - I still think this is a good game but the time this came out it was supposed to be the successor to Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and it just wasn't as good. Still a good multiplayer game but the single player couldn't touch goldeneye or pd as far as depth went.

I love Dark Souls 2 so no complaints there, surprised to see people say that considering it reviewed so well. Also, have y'all played the DLC?? It's so good, vintage Dark Souls in a way that a lot of 2 wasn't.

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I would say its not, but I will say this.

Street Fighter is the hardest game to be THE BEST at. So many people love and play Street Fighter that to be the best Street Fighter player in the world is nigh impossible so I'll give you that Street Fighter is the hardest to be the best at.