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Had PS4 since launch, play all the time and both my controllers are flawless. I think some people grip harder than others, because my controllers always last forever.

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MRC: Multi-Racing Championship

The N64 didn't have a lot of "realistic" racing games so this what I was stuck with. I picked this up for cheap after playing Gran Turismo 2 on PS1, wishing the 64 had a comparable racing game. It did not.

Fighter's Destiny

Same idea as above...not very many polygonal fighters on N64 and I really wanted one. Odd that this was also an Ocean game. Apparently they actually made a sequel to this which I don't understand because there's no way anyone bought this one.

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Dan recently said on a podcast or something that he has no musical talent, so I don't think he's any good at any instrument.

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I really enjoyed the character customization in the Souls game. I'm going to miss finding new, crazy armor sets, weapons or even just deciding to use a shield. But I respect their choice to go with more focused gameplay. And I can't refuse those environments and atmosphere. Looks incredible.

What? Character Customization was already confirmed....

Yeah, you'll find gear as per usual. New armour-sets, weaponry, what have you. Hell, there might even be shields in the game for all we know, but with the emphasis on movement, it's unclear as to whether you'll want to use one. I can almost promise you that there won't be any 100 % physical block ones, mind.

Also, I want to go out of my way and say that the enemy at the very end of the trailer, with them big flaps of skin loosely hanging from what remains of it's head, the lower jaw, is very likely the single, most disturbing enemy I have EVER seen. That thing is right up there with the Gaping Maw Dragon as thoroughly disgusting, and I love it. The spittle spraying from those flaps just add to it. Boy, I can't tell whether I'm shivering in delight or disgust. Overall, the art direction in this game is coming across as superlative.

Ooooooooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I didn't know they talked about armor and weaponry. Just thought you start with everything you get.


Yeah, during the recent stream I saw them playing with a different weapon and a different armor set, but it was the same character. He was wearing a feathery thing.

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Technically 1 hour lunch break for me and I can leave whenever I want. I can take off for any other break I want to as well. I work in the middle of NYC working in television so during down periods there's too much of the city to not explore. When you're in NYC you're wasting your life not going out during break time and experiencing the world. I have an awesome job in that I can work at my own pace..being forced to work a certain schedule and get a lame 15 minutes sounds like a nightmare and no place for creative thought.

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What kind of person throws a party with no booze?

I would, I hate drunk people!

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Velvet Sundown, I don't know if I've ever laughed harder at a quick's Euro Truck Simulator good...I think Velvet is one of the best Quck Looks ever.

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Dark Souls 2 or Mario Kart 8 so far. Really looking forward to smash.

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I really like the demo. Melee is one of my all-time favorite games but I've never played Brawl. I'll be getting the Wii U version but I must same the demo is really fun even if it's super limited. I really like playing as Villager. Mega Man is VERY weird, it's like all his attacks are B-button attacks instead of A button attacks...he plays very differently from other Smash characters. This may be a good thing though cuz it shows they are willing to try new things with the characters. I think it plays really well with the circle pad, you just have to be really agressive with the pad and really jockey it from side to side, you can't use a light touch or it just won't register. I absolutely can't wait for the final game I think it's going to be really, really good.

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It's a fine song. The part at 2:15 I think is really cool. It is very very strange to have Paul McCartney do a song with lyrics to Destiny though. Overkill perhaps! They definitely spent way too much money on him for sure. I love Paul, and the song is fine, but I don't know why they did this other than to say they did.