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You should go to San Francisco some time and see how they deal with weather. The only time you hear about weather in NYC is if there is a blizzard, you won't hear a peep for normal snowfall.

You should also remember a couple years ago there was a DEVASTATING snow storm in NYC right after Hurricane Sandy that left the area ravaged and displaced many people. We are a little more sensitive to it today because of how many people lost things.

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Huh? This sounds like some weird nostalgia trip, there's no reason why a game like Vice City couldn't exist today. I'm sure in 2023 some guy like you will say, "man, they'll never make a game like GTA V again. The eclectic soundtrack. The voiceacting. The setting (Fully realized LA!), all for a game that was very mainstream."

Seriously, I fail to see what about Vice City is special compared to other Rockstar Games other than taking place in the 80s. If Rockstar made Vice City 2 I could nearly guarantee it would do all this and much more.

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This seems so obvious to me, just put a cover over the sink. A slab, like a cutting board...when you go to bed put it over the sink, when you wake up put the slab back under the counter.

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Have an awesome job where they don't give a crap what you look like. That's why I love being in the enterainment industry...I don't even own slacks.

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Unknown studio?


This is Frog Fractions 2

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That Ryan MacDonald haricut

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Well, Kotaku is a news site so it's much more in Patrick's wheelhouse than Giant Bomb for sure. His news many times felt out of place on this site to me. Also, I'm sure it stinks being a home all day and not around to interact with the crew once he moved to Chi Town. The only thing now though is he's gonna lose some of his identity whether he knows he will or not. Writing for a site like Kotaku is more about the brand of the site than the personalites of the site.

Also, Patrick seems to change jobs a lot, and I think he's brought it up before. He's like the Bill Parcells of game journalism haha! I thought Giant Bomb was gonna be his home for awhile but it wasn't much different than his other gigs I guess.

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@mento: Dude this is nuts, this morning I decided to watch some GameCenter CX since I haven't watched in in like 4 years...funny to see this post on the same day!

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@dr_monocle said:

Definitely a ton of childhood memories coming back today; I am very much a child of that era.

I especially remember that episode of Salute Your Shorts that she was on.

Rest well.

The first thing I thought of was the episode of Salute Your Shorts she was on. I remember it so vividly because at the time I remember thinking "wow, the woman who does all these voices is so young!" Sad that someone I thought was so young is now gone : (.

She really was one of the best voice actors of the era...sad her career ended sooner than it should have.

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Nope, I was just like you. When Giant Bomb first started I listened to the bombcast non-stop but never played any video games. I loved video games in the past but stopped in my 20s. It wasn't until the last couple years that I started gaming again and have actually played games they're talking about on the podcast.