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I mean, it's a US website. I don't think I'd be annoyed with a UK website if they didn't do things on my US time.

I'm sure there are plenty of international streamers out there for you OP, just watch the giant Bomb archives. You can even find archives with the chat there sometimes so you can make it feel more live.

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@zeik: if you had a smartphone you'd use it way more than any video game.

I rarely use my phone for the phone, it's my GPS, my map, my flashlight, my computer, my guitar tuner, my train schedule, my calendar, my calculator, a video game system, my MP3 player, my camera, my photo album, my newspaper...all in one machine. It's one of the best inventions ever for me, I never have to worry about anything because I probably have an app for that now.

And why would you buy a new phone every few years? Only people who want shiny new things do that. Your smartphone will work fine for years, mine has.

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As someone who plays actual guitar I like the new guitar design. They can really get the feeling of playing chords now, without having to make it TOO realistic.

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@damodar: Well they've got XIII on offer, Garou and Samurai Shodown II. They're all pretty cheap and i figured it would be good to get into a few more fighting games instead of just sticking to my street fighter guns

If its out of those three games you mentioned I think Garou is best. I actually prefer both Garou and Sam Sho 2 over XIII as far as gameplay goes.

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Is this a surprise? GTA V for PS4 was 56 Gigs, and this is a more detailed version of that. The world is giant, there's tons of music...doesn't seem too crazy to me.

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@armaan8014: I went to film school in NYC, and have worked in the film and TV industry. I currently work as a producer on a TV show. I agree a lot with what InfamousBIG said. I think a really good course of action for you is to go out and just make a film. I know it sounds daunting and difficult, but its getting easier and easier to make a real film with a small budget. Sure, a DSLR is only 1080p, but if you make something really fantastic it won't matter..festivals will eat it up and it could get bought and released digitally and on different marketplaces. The easiest way to become a filmmaker is to just become one. If you go out and make a film, even with a shoestring budget nothing will ever take away the fact that you are a filmmaker. If you have the talent and drive you will get somewhere with it.

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Loved it, one of my favorite games from last generation. I think people who don't like it don't understand it's bascially a point and click adventure game.

One thing people overlook is how good the writing is overall when compared to 99 percent of games and how good the acting is. Seriously, it has the best acting thats ever been in a game (because of the facial scanning they hired real actors and all they had to do was act not "voice act").

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@humanity said:

At this point we've come full circle and instead of annoying people claiming how it's the hardest game in the world we have equally droning individuals who proclaim just how easy they are.


I've played every one of these games, and there's no doubt to me they are hard games. I think people who say they aren't hard maybe just happen to be good at games? The souls games are hard but mostly fair, so their difficulty is managable...unlike some games which are hard in broken ways.

There's probably people who think Ninja Gaiden is easy too.

Just saying just cuz you think it's easy doesn't mean its easy. If most people say these games are hard, then guess what? They're probably hard, and you just happen to be one of the good ones.

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@phili151 said:

Lol no, old shit is old. Who has the time to go back and play a bunch of old shite?

I play old games the same reason why I'd watch Casablanca, City Lights, Wild Strawberries, or Network...well-crafted entertainment never dies. All those movies I listed are better than whatever came out in theaters this year, and it can be the same way with games.

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SNES. I played it all the way through on SNES a couple years ago and it was amazing. I own a lot of classic consoles, and the experience is ALWAYS better on the original console on a CRT.