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Terribly sad. Rest in peace.

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This whole thing better be some sort of a long-con or I will be somewhat disappointed.

Actually no ... perhaps it is even better that this is for real.

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That was fucking terrifying.

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I like RPS a whole lot. In fact I am going to go there right now and re-read some of the Day Z articles they posted recently.

While listening to the new 8-4 Play podcast.

And downloading the Rayman: Origins 3DS demo.

And eating dinner.

Christ... an awful lot of what I do for entertainment these days revolves around videogames. Not eating though, that I do to satisfy my sexual deviancy. I mean hunger.

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I had actually never heard of this before. Seems pretty fascinating.

Thank you for the heads up, time for me to do some research on the technology involved.

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That was incredible.

I was too busy living life as a bag of nerves watching Arsenal to really be paying attention to the City/United games, although I caught the last few minutes of both. Boy oh boy. I have no real love for either team (Nasri you're a c*nt and so on) but I cannot deny what happened was phenomenal. Will live long in the memory.

While I am on the subject of football I just wish to say that I think I may love Laurent Koscielny with all of my being. Also, thank you Gibbs for that wonderful last gasp block.

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I often go to the cinema on my lonesome. It's awesome.

It means I can go at the drop of a hat, whenever it suits me, without having to rally up a selection of my friends. It makes a great break from long study/work sessions.

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This game is indeed great. Fantastic setting for a game.

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I fully love and adore Ninja Gaiden: Black. So good.

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Just finished the demo. Loved it.

The movement and camera were excellent, something that similar games such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning often mess up in my opinion. Group combat was manic, but in a pleasantly colourful sense. The whole climb-y grab-y mechanic is totally bananas and I enjoy it massively.

First thing that happened upon my loading up of the prologue mission: controller slips off my thigh slightly and activates the right trigger, so ... I pick up the dude standing beside me jabbering on about a light source. Wonderful. I then proceed to carry him around and use him and his lamp as my light source. Ingenious. Later, after placing him on his feet again to have a bit of a bash at some goblin-like beasts, I notice him brush himself off and fix his attire. Fantastic.

These are the kind of small touches that really make me want to play a game.

I have now created my Errol Flynn-looking protagonist and his busty (but not too busty) companion. I look forward to taking them on many an absurd quest come the release of the game.