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anyone got a time from the live stream archive, dont have time to listen to 4 and half hours worth

Don't have a precise time, but I'm pretty sure it's in between an hour and 15mins from the end. There's a point where they're going start talking to Will & Norm, and Jaffe asks have they ever had women on the E3 bombcasts. Should be able to scrub through fairly easily.

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Poor and / or unresponsive controls.

Random difficulty spikes combined with poor checkpointing (especially for sections where it checkpoints before an unskippable cutscene).

Instant fail conditions - these are probably the things that set me off the most, especially if there's an element of chance involved with them, there is nothing worse IMO.

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@Mystyr_E: It's the same button layout as the Snes had.

@rebgav: I used to do that as a result of growing up with the N64, but over time I must have readjusted for whatever reason. I'm sure if you don't think about it, you'll make the adjustment without realising. Alternatively you could induce some intense RSI, who knows?

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@rebgav: I dunno, I use a 360 controller for some of my PC gaming, and have no problem switching between that and dualshock3. Also I don't think the angle of difference is as severe as you think, I'm just eyed up the difference in position of my thumb on the right stick and in the middle of the face buttons on the 360 pad and it looks like about 30 degrees, but YMMV of course.

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@rebgav: The left stick was also elevated on the Gamecube controller. I don't really see this configuration as being anything too unusual.

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Frozen synapse has a great electronic soundtrack, one of the few game soundtracks I listen to outside of the game. Dustforce's soundtrack is great for something a little cheerier or to mellow out to. Hitman is fantastic as well for something a little moodier, or really anything by Jesper Kyd.

I came to say Dustforce too. Really catchy and enjoyable. You can listen to it for free on Lifeformed's website and on Spotify.

Dustforce and Frozen Synapse's OSTs are both part of the current Game Music Bundle - which is running for the next seven days.

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@Subjugation: no it's completely different, we switched the stick position! Don't sue us (please)!

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Missed opportunity to call it UMiiverse disappoints me greatly. Also that whole wara-wara thing is going to be full of dong doodles day 1.

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Unfortunately I own all of them. I'll keep an eye on it in case they add some more stuff to the pack.

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Yeah I got it done in January 2011. Painless procedure, which also fixed the astigmatism in my left eye (something which neither my contacts nor glasses corrected) and would highly recommend getting it done.

I still get a kick out of being able to see clearly when I wake up in the morning.