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Ever since the early days of on the spot when I was a school boy, through arrow pointing down and to giantbomb I've felt a connection to Ryan. I am now 25 this year and this news has torn me apart. I was unfortunate to never meet with Ryan and my heart goes out to you all. I know I cant feel what Ryan's family and close friends feel but I will miss you Ryan and thank you for everything you have given.

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The slender man got me :(

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With so many people making Smurf accounts the people who are genuinely new to the game are being matched together with the trolls. These people are the scum of the community and are just aiming for the fastest and cleanest win sheet to achieve high ELO or matches won on normal games. Thus being super aggressive to the smallest mistake or lack of knowledge from an individual. The other set of smurfs are just out to be nasty and troll the current match, I urge you to only play with friends and ignore all chat. Once you reach level 30 then you can start contributing to the tribunal. Please make sure you report the people who deserve it and give a clear description as to why you are reporting the specific player.

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I can not wait for this patch to hit EU West :) Thank you for information although I've known for a while the full details, It's nicely constructed!

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This is great news for anyone who doesn't yet have the game! I bought the PS3 version for £4.79 and received the vita copy too :) It's a great casual experience. Thank you for sharing the details

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My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family big guy.

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Nice! I think you've been extremely lucky? What site did you buy it from? I also live in UK and want to pick up he PS3 and Vita version. Though, I can't find any evidence on if the physical vita copy is region free and will work on my EU Vita anyone know?


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Thank you to everyone that has responded. My issue has been solved!

As suggested I only needed to continue past the error and get to the first save point for the game to recognise the memory card and save file. A similar question was asked like animathias and you can just port over GameFAQs save files to the desired game you wish to play, usually, with no errors!

Kind regards

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@animathias: Hey animathias thank you for the response. When I specifically load Breath of Fire 3 the Vita cannot make a save for the game. When I connect my Vita to my PC via the Content Manager Assistant it doesn't show up the save file. Is there a specific way to copy the PSP save files into the content manager folder?