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Slow moving Zombies like in Dead Rising.

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I got something like that it's a trojan virus that's what mine was. It installed this program called "Antivirus XP 08" and it changed my wallpaper to "Spyware found use virus antisoftware" or something like that. Just use a program called "Malwarebytes Anti-malware and run the quick scan and it will get rid of everything.

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Saint's Row 2

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360, no doubt in my mind.

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lucas_kelly said:
"Snipes424 said:
"lucas_kelly said:
"Have you seen both of them in action? Didn't think so.
What gears of war 2 and Killzone 2?  I've seen them both in action.........
I'm not talking about videos, I'm talking about actually seeing them be played or playing them yourself.
Yeah, I agree. Videos from the game mean absolutely nothing. Looks like another shooter with a lot of hype. Look at Haze. Prepare for your  "Haze 2", Snipes424. Prepare for your "Haze 2"...
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The 53 000+ zombie kills or whatever it was in Dead Rising. Took me 5 days like 2 hours each day. Really repetitive zombie killing. :P Running over the zombies in the tunnel with the red convertible over and over. :P

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Carbon for my dashboard and for my guide I have a custom dark blue colour.

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Yeah, I can't wait till the dashboard update.

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Video of someone with the leaked dashboard on his 360.