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That was an exelent suggestion which made me look into a lot of other games like Eternal Sonata. Will report later.

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Thanks for all the sugestions guys! I forgot to mention that we played some Lego games like Indiana Jones and Pirates. That was fun while it lastet but doesn't stick for long.

I showed here some trailers of the games and the thing that struck best was Trine. I hope to get that later and try it ^^ Portal also intrigued her, but also scares here and she hates to dies in game so she doesn't really wanna try, but i think i can convince here with time.

Terraria and Minecraft have no story at all so that didn't interest her. Borderlands and Red Dead are basicaly shooters so she wasn't interested either (i played both and loved them ^^ I actually have played all games mentioned here). Saints row is sort of the same, pluss its very oversexualised so it wasnt appealing, but not as oversexualised as TERA.

One of the reviews here said this about the game "The elves move constantly as if doing a seductive dance even when standing still, but the effect that it creats is as if they were trying to signal a plane to land with their boobs."

I don't have a PS3 or anything but the little i played of LBP i didn't really like. Maybe if we both get Vitas we could try again or something.

Again thanks for all the suggestions and hope this thread helps someone else besides me ^^

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I have been desperatley searching for games me and my girlfriend can play in coop. She loves fantasy RPGs but isn't that much into the combat aspect, she loves them for the story and would not mind having the combats beeing cutscenes. I will start on the list with some short descirptions of how the attempts went in hope that people will continue :) What we have tried so far:

World of Warcraft, Rift, The Old Republic

I'm making one post for the three of them because from our perspective they are pretty much the same. Our favorite so far have been Rift for the gameplay and TOR for the story, we played much more TOR and are still playing. Tor we like because the both of us can have actual characters with personality and dialogue choices (which is pretty much a must for us) unlike the other two where you are just an avatar. One of our greates moments in gaming happened here, only once, where my character actually spoke to hers. We want more stuff like this! However the usual issues with MMO stories like beeing the only one who can save the galaxy... with thousands others on the same quest still persist. We play this pretty much like a single player game, if the server would be empty besides the two of us and our friend we play with, we would not mind much, actually might be an improvement. I think that Tor is the game what has worked best so far for us even with all it's issues.

Fable III

It was a nice experiance for me but not so much for her, untill we changed and she played the main character. The biggest issue with Fable as most RPG coop games is that the other player dissapears as soon as some story element is played out, in this case quite literary. So what this is is a RPG game which you play alone and your partner can join in on the combat, which was very frustrating for her and basicaly pointless unless she played the main character. I didn't mind just tagging along and beeing the main actor during combat. But what we really want is a game where both of our characters have personalities and can impact the story. The moments when one of us is gone have been very frustrating, but we did finish the game...

Neverwinter Nights 2

We haven't really played more of this that the tutorial. I have finished the game on my own a while ago, but playing it together didn't feel satisfying at all. It is as if we were in two separate parties that are on the same quest, so the only thing we can really share is combat and equipment... In fairness maybe we should give it another try, but the first impression doesn't encourage to it. I have been looking for some story heavy mods for two playes, but to no avail.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

This is totaly not a role playing game but the fun factor made it work for us anyway. We laughed a lot and thew eachother in lava a lot or cause other forms of death not allways intenrional. I think she enjoyed it more than i, i suck at mario. There's not story to speak of.

Games i think about trying but haven't yet:

  • Hunted: Demons Forge
  • Epic Yarn
  • Vampire the Masquarade: Redemption.
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I couldyn't test it because i didn't have the game :D

Bill, what is the best way to do it then, besides buying the Instrument box that costs a lot?

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Does anybody know if you can use the mic that comes with the 360 to sing in Rock Band?

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Did anyone else really miss the option of resurecting Rose? I kindof would have seen it as a natural thing, since you went and avenged her and all... Shouldyn't she be included in family? Or if it's an all powerfull device, why can't i have it all?

Anyway, i chose family.... it was very weird becuase i was a Saint , meaning i was max pure ang good. But the weirdest thing of all is that after the credits, the first thing i did.... went home, slept with my wife, and then killed her with my sword. I tried shooting the kid as well but it didn't work...

What's your thoughts on that?

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I can wholeheartedly recomend 'The World Ends With You', even if you utterly hate Final Fantasy  (same developer). The game is way different from FF; it's full  real time and has the most original use of the touch screen and dual screen that i have seen so far.

I liked Hotel Dusk as well, but that's probably coz i'm a very old gamer and i miss old style adventure games... But the story there is pretty nice. Or should i say nice enough.

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gamerpigeon said:

No Darth Vader Soul Calibur DLC"
That is supposed to changed any time now, according to main page news...
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Allright, thanks all. I will try them out and say what i got stuck with.

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Hehe very interesting tips!
But for example, i noticed that Duke 3D didn't have split screen co-op in the trial version. Is this different in full game? We're only interested in split screen games, coz we only have one Xbox ^^