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Thanks Duders, looks like I'll be bribing a friend to buy it!

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Just got this game for free from a promotion and I love me some Resident Evil. Unfortunately though I keep hearing that co-op is best with this game and none of my friends list guys wanna play.

1.) Is it REALLY that bad in SP?

2.) Does anyone wanna co-op this with me? (360)

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Just played the Catherine demo and I have to say that I am very intrigued by the dialogue options the game presents. The idea that you can string together different combinations of Vincent's feelings thru text is sure to have some compelling reprecussions. The nightmare sections themselves proved to be difficult but once you get the hang of the touchy controls and quick-paced gameplay I suspect that most gamers will accept it and move on.

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@StarvingGamer: Point taken, I see what you mean. I guess I can't be too angry about it. After all Bioware has done for us I can't complain about that minor thing.

To game was actually bugged. I finally gained access to the character creation and made my own personal Hawke...and then in the game it kept defaulting back to the default model. I took it back to GameStop and they gave me a new copy without any trouble.
Then I came home to find out that my roommate sold our TV. That's life I guess?
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@Jason_Bourne: Hmm, Maybe that is the problem. I'm going to try customizing a non-Hawke preset.
But isn't that just kind of...WEIRD?
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I seem to be able to select a preset but am unable to edit it. I'm trying a third time now. I have to believe this is a bug but it's a VERY unusual one.

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So I've started my new game of Dragon Age 2: SE, and I'm at the character creation screen. The only options available to me are the presets and Portrait. I've no ability to change how Hawke looks which strikes me as kind of...odd. Is anyone else having this problem? I've started a game twice now and I haven't been able to select anything other than the presets and portrait.

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PSN Name: CallsignHelo 
Chicago, IL

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@Milkman said:
" Marry Ice-T, Fuck Ice Cube, Kill Vanilla Ice Marry Microsoft, Fuck Apple, Kill Google Marry EA, Fuck Irrational (I'm going to assume you mean 2K because Irrational isn't really in the same category), Kill Activision "
What he said.