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Just an update to everyone to started following us on twitter, we've just secured all of our equipment and we are going to be using the same cameras that they used to film Avatar. We're actually going to be filming this in DIGITAL. I just think that's pretty cool to say that we're that technologically prepared for this production. Our director of photography said we'd be able to shoot in 3-D if we really truly wanted to...but I said no. :) Just thought it was a neat addition to our production so I wanted to update you all, and also say thank you again for the support.

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@MiniPato said:
" Valkyria Chronicles "
@Sil3n7 said:
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@davidwitten22:  I will answer this as succinctly as possible:
Who are we doing this musical against? The Canadians.
Why? Cause we are all strongly against mounties.
Whose face are we shoving this into? Everyone who wants to unite and take down Canada.
 (I can't believe I didn't remember that episode of one of my favorite shows...)
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@davidwitten22:  Could you be a little bit more specific about what you're talking about? Are you trying to ask WHY we're making this, or if we're trying to do this to support any type of message?
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@TaliciaDragonsong:  I definitely will! We have some sketch comedy bits scheduled in-between filming so we aren't just cranking out this musical and  have other content.
Support more indie type musicals! Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog opened the door for people to really embrace releasing musical type stuff on the internet, and there's also a long running show called The Battery Is Down too.
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Thanks guys! We are looking to break it up into 3 easy-to-view segments and post them online sometime in August. I can't wait to show everyone. If you like musicals of the less-known kind then you should definitely check out Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog by the Whedon gang.

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If you like the demo, then buy it. It can't be more than $15 at GameStop. If you REALLY want a good Blackrock Studios game, go for Split Second.

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I would pack Frank West.
Aaaaaand done.

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With all of the outcries from fans for Stryker to be included, I'd be very surprised at this point if he WASN'T in the game.

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@SumDeus said:
" Is it me, or does the music in that video sound awfully similar to an 8-bit version of Taylor Swift's Love Story? "
Actually that's exactly what it is. The cast and I have a running inside joke about it so I included it in this video. You can check out the rest of that album @ Those are guys AWESOME.