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" @CowMuffins said:
" It's quite a short game from what I've heard, but the XBLA version adds co-op in an arena mode where you try to get through as many tiers as possible. It's like a skittle, sweet, but doesn't last long. "
It's about 4-5 hours long but it also only costs $10 on Steam. "
thats the kind of info I'm looking for  thanks to both of you 

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"What are you talking about? " 
what are YOU talking about? 

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"There is already a thread about this. But I'll say what I said in there, Zeno Clash is effing mind blowing. When it comes out on XBLA, buy it. "
sorry i must have missed it in my half ass serch I'll be more thorough next time.... does anyone have a link to the other thread?
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I recently got an email from Atlus about a game comeing to XBLA called Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition.   
Too witch i say "woh, what is this thing, looks kinda crazy." So i clicked on the link to   .  Wile watching the movies therin I was imedeatly fasinated and then imedatly freaked out but the charicter desins and their interactions.   
Wile my curiosity out ways my freaked out ness I wanted ot get the opinions of the Giant Bomb community who are better informed than myself.

P.S. I know about the demo on steam but i cant get it runing on my pc BECAUSE VIST IS STILL FUCKING WITH ME!!!  AHHHHGGGG!!!! 
edit: the stuff i was wondering about is type of game how long is it? things of that nature ive literaly know about this game for about 10 min. anything would be great thanks in advance

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tecka man blade=awsome  
frank west=????
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if they are succesfull in creating a full fleged dinosaur (no pun intended) somewhere down the line they wouldnt be able to do anything to or with it at least not in most countrys because it would instantly become the wourlds most indangered creature being the only one alive 
sorry guys that would mean no dino meat to eat.....unless.....maby......they clone it 
but cloned meat hasent been declaired safe to eat yet has it? hmmmm... what to do. what to do.
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"dinosaur anatomy" ??? soooo a chicken with teeth? or maby a chicken with thoes little stubby T-rex arms. 
scales,liver heart, brain? ohh the poor chickens poor mutated dinosaur chickens :(
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed it.  Damn laundry, i forgot all about this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would wait at least a year before buying something like that.  just to see if it would last long enough warent a purchase *cough* red ring *cough*